Chapter 1587

Senior Zimmer was in so much pain, his breathing was all over the place. He could only take in big breaths, unable to speak so much as a word.

He wanted to yell angrily at Harvey, but he didn’t have the strength.

The Zimmers took in the scene, stupefied. They never imagined that the islanders could be so cruel and refused to give either side any chances of mitigation.

Normally, one wouldn’t act so rashly.

A painful expression appeared on Harvey’s face. He looked at Quinn, slightly worried about her. However, his worried look instantly disappeared right after. He said boldly, “I can come over, but you have to let Quinn go. She has nothing to do with this matter!”

Quinn was startled.


Without a word, the fake inspector then broke Quinn’s left hand with one foot.


Quinn screamed. It was true that recently, she had been practicing martial arts and did have some abilities. However, she wanted to take advantage of the situation to kill Harvey and Mandy, so she didn’t figh
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