Chapter 400

“Oh? A way to let the Zimmers be a part of Simon Zimmer’s good project and resources?”

Senior Zimmer’s eyes lit up.

“Let’s hear it!”

The other members of the Zimmer family too held their breaths and listened closely.

Being a second-class family in the provincial capital would definitely make the Zimmers increase their wealth tenfold. That also meant that they would be swimming in money.

At that moment, nobody wanted to undermine Simon’s plans. Everyone was making a face full of excitement.

Simon laughed.

“Dad, have you heard of the Silva family in South Light?”

Senior Zimmer fretted.

“Simon, you mean one of the first-class families in all of South Light, that Silva family?”

“Right! That’s them!”

Simon Zimmer was acting proud.

“Legends say that the Silva family were the king’s royal relatives during the old times, the true Lord Kye Silva!”

“After the war, they set foot on South Light and had the surname Silva!”

“The family is not as deep-rooted as the Yorks.”

“But, the fa
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