Chapter 3433

Larisa wasn’t injured very badly—she wasn’t in danger…

However, she was in complete shock.

She kept twitching on the ground as she covered her wound, and wouldn’t respond to anyone calling her name.

Xynthia was so scared that she started shivering.

She was the one who pulled the trigger. She didn’t think that the firearm would actually shoot out a live bullet.

If it weren’t for the recoil, Larisa would’ve been dead!

Xynthia's heart kept racing. She knew she had to call Harvey after something this big happened.

After understanding the situation, Harvey drove here as quickly as he could.

Flutwell’s Film City was a brightly-lit place filled with food and entertainment.

Xynthia kept shivering as she sat slumped on a bench. She was holding a bottle of water, but she didn’t even take a sip of it.

The local police force were already involved with the situation. The owner of the Script Murder place was apprehended instantly.

Xynthia’s university friends and everyone else had to stay
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