Chapter 722

Soon, Sheldon Xavier walked toward Harvey York.

Tyson Woods wanted to intercept him, but his facial expressions kept changing constantly in hesitation. He could only bite the bullet and eventually stepped forward.

And Ethan Hunt’s right hand was slowly clutching the hilt of his sword.

They did not know the reason for this big shot’s arrival, but nobody was allowed near their chief instructor when he was around.

“Ethan, Tyson, stand down!”

Harvey York did not even stand up even at this point and said with a chuckle, “I wonder, what might be the purpose of your arrival, Elder Sheldon?”

“How presumptuous! How dare you still sit in the presence of the first-in-command of South Light?! Who do you think you are?!” Yonathan York barked in the midst of the crowd.

He did not know the relations between Harvey and Sheldon, but he saw a sliver of opportunity when the sight unfolded before him.

A chance to provoke the relationship between the two.

After hearing this, Quinton York said cold
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