Chapter 1131


Just when everyone was about to look up and see the Chief Instructor’s face…

Bellamy Blake, who was also standing on the stage, suddenly yelled as if a bolt from the blue.

At this moment, the murderous intent exuding from Bellamy’s body was substantial, prickling many people’s eyes until they were red and teary. They could only hold their heads down at this moment, only daring to rest their gazes on the Chief Instructor’s calf.

Only those admirals and commanders from the army could barely see the Chief Instructor’s face, but they could only roughly look at it, which was unclear.

However, no one dared to feel resentful at this moment!

This was because Bellamy did it right!

The Chief Instructor was the myth of the military, a living legend. It was disrespectful to look directly at him on this occasion!

Although the Chief Instructor himself might not care about this, Bellamy, as the Chief Instructor’s subordinate, could not allow anyone to blaspheme the deity he a
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