Chapter Four

“I think you should do it.” Alex replied as she swallowed the last bite of her sandwich. Isis stared at her in disbelief.

“Journalism? Are you insane? I would suck.” Isis replied, her eyes pleading with Alex to help her make an excuse, any excuse not to join.

“You would not suck! Besides, you told him you would try so...try.” Alex persisted, waving her hands in the air as if her advice was a no brainer.

“Sometimes I swear you are no help at all.” Isis frowned.

“So tell me about Jared.” Isis inched closer to Alex, her voice lowered.

“There is nothing to tell. He is just a guy I met.” She tried to brush off the subject.

“Bullshit.” Isis scolded. “You can’t give me that crap!” She replied jokingly.

Alex laughed. “He is nice, but I don’t think he would like me.” She confided. Isis raised her eyebrows.

“Are you kidding me? If he doesn’t I would be inclined to think that his taste sucks.” Isis replied and Alex stifled a giggle.

“We will see. It’s too early to decide upon his character, besides you need to meet him and give me your assessment first.” Alex was serious. She trusted Isis’ judgement, since she was able to see character traits that people usually tried to conceal.

“My assessment? You know that ninety-nine percent of the people I encounter, I tend to dislike.” Isis replied, she really didn’t think her opinion mattered.

“Well there is still that one percent.” Alex was hopeful. Isis rolled her eyes playfully.

“And when am I meeting this Jared?” Isis questioned and smiled as she saw a blush tinting Alex’s cheek.

“Tonight, actually.” Alex confessed and Isis’ eyebrows shot up in confusion.

“Explain.” She replied levelly.

“Well he and a couple of friends are going out tonight and he invited me. I am allowed to carry a friend.” Alex replied, looking at Isis expectantly, hoping she would understand that the ‘friend’ was Isis.

“I really wouldn’t know anyone, I don’t think I should go.” Isis replied evenly and Alex’s expecting smile dropped.

“You would know me! Besides you can make friends.” Alex begged and Isis stilled.

“I highly doubt I’m gonna make friends.” Isis replied and Alex grabbed hold of her hands.

“Oh come on, please!” She pleaded and Isis unable to disappoint her sighed and gave in. Alex squealed excitedly. “Awesome!” She replied. She checked her watch and shot up off her seat.

“I have ten minutes to my next class, I’ve got to go.” She replied hurriedly.

“I will see you later.” Isis smiled and she was soon alone.

At four Isis made her way to Professor Greyson’s office. This time the door stood ajar and a cluster of students surrounded his desk. The majority of them were girls, of course, and Isis contemplated leaving. Maybe he didn’t need her there today, she prayed.

“Ms Davenport.” She stilled at the way her name rolled off his tongue. It was an enticing command and she scolded herself for being caught up, albeit momentarily, in his spell.

All eyes turned to her and the stares from the girls could no doubt set fire to an entire city. Isis steeled herself and stared only at Mr. Greyson.

“I set a box on the table; sort it out before you leave.” He directed and his attention was once again lost to the other students. Isis sighed and set out to her punishment.

At six the last student left the office and an exasperated sigh filled the room. Isis couldn’t help but look up at the source of the sound. Mr Greyson ran his fingers through his hair, his eyes momentarily closed and Isis’ mouth grew dry. His eyes flickered open and closed on her hers.

Isis wanted to end the staring contest but she was trapped. “Are you finished?” He questioned, his features turning hard. “I am.” Isis replied.

“Well there is some more...” A knock sounded at the door and his voice broke off. The door eased open and Isis’ eyes widened.

“Can I help you?” Mr Greyson questioned as the girl entered the room.

“I am sorry to disturb you but I came to find out if you’re finished with Isis?” Isis rolled her eyes at Alex and noted the smug smile playing at the corner of her lips.

“Well, I was about to assign another task but since she had done a lot for today, I guess she can leave.” Mr Greyson replied charmingly and Isis’ jaw dropped as he smiled at Alex. His gaze found her and waited for her to reply.

Her mind and her senses were blank. Was this man only truly a devil to her? “Isis?” Alex called and she snapped back into herself.

“Only if you’re sure,” She focused on Mr Greyson. ‘I don’t mind finishing whatever it is.”

“Your friend seems impatient; you can continue tomorrow, it actually works out because I was planning to leave early as well.” He dismissed her and Isis slowly rose and left.

“He is even better looking up close.” Alex nudged her, studying her closely in a futile attempt to read her expression. Reading people was not her thing, she didn’t possess the skill to see through someone and it had often gotten her in trouble.

“You’re entitled to your opinion and I mine.” Isis replied in a mock sassy tone and Alex couldn’t contain her amusement.

“Now, where are you dragging me off to?” Isis questioned but Alex stayed silent. This concerned Isis. Her best friend was only ever vague when she was hiding something and Isis was certain this was a surprise she wouldn’t find exciting.

“Alex...” Isis warned.

“Just calm down. We will go home and get dressed and you will see.” Alex deflected as she entered her car.

“Well, I need to know where we are going so I will know what to wear. Location affects fashion.” Isis complained.

“I will help you find something.” Alex responded and Isis leaned back into her seat. She knew she wouldn’t get anything out of Alex.

“You’re being ridiculous, the dress looks amazing.” Alex beamed at Isis who stood in front of her mirror, her horrified reflection staring back at her.

“I look nothing like me.” Isis commented. She hated the sensuality of her body as the material of the dress hugged her, she wanted to cover up all the parts of her skin that were bare. The dress was an off shoulder, lilac coloured, form fitting masterpiece. It clung six inches above her knee.

“I can’t wear this!” She was starting to panic. “Why can’t I wear jeans?” Isis turned to face her best friend, her tone begging. Alex rolled her eyes in answer to Isis’ question.

“You are wearing it!” She paused, “and for heaven’s sake leave your hair down!” Alex scolded as soon as she saw Isis’ hands attempt to pile her hair atop her head. Isis screwed her features in response but she released the tendrils from her grasp, allowing her hair to cascade down her shoulders.

“Now come on or we will be late.” Alex slid off the bed and straightened her grey dress that did wonders for her. It accentuated the colour of her blue eyes and made her appear innocent yet very much sensual.

The drive was drowned out in silence and Isis believed it was due to Alex’s nerves. As much as her friend tried to hide it, she was anxious about meeting Jared in a setting that didn’t involve white boards, computers and rules. A setting, Isis mused, she had no idea of. However, she was happy for the silence and she took to looking out the window, her mind conjuring images of a grey eyed devil.

“We’re here.” Alex announced shakily and Isis immediately looked at her. Her face was worried and her posture nervous, Isis smiled.

“Why are we nervous?” She teased and Alex shot her a glare. They exited the car and Isis’ jaw dropped. She turned her attention to Alex who was observing her closely.

“You brought me to a night club?” Isis questioned. She hated clubs and she was shocked that Alex would bring her to one.

“Uh...yeah.” Alex answered nervously but before Isis could reply they were bombarded by a group of college students. Three girls and four boys. Isis assumed the one ogling Alex like a lost puppy was Jared.

She observed the two and realised that attraction was definitely mutual and somehow she immediately liked Jared, he seemed sweet.

“Guys this is my best friend, Isis.” Alex introduced and Isis wanted to hide as the attention turned to her. She hated being the centre of anything.

“Hi.” She replied nervously and they smiled at her. Alex went on to introduce everyone but Isis simply smiled and tried to look as if she was paying attention.

They entered the club and Isis instantly felt deafened by the music assaulting her ears. They walked over to the bar.

“What can I get you ladies?” Jared questioned them both as the rest of the group went into the crowd. “I am fine.” Isis replied and shifted away from them. Leaving them in each other’s company. There was no way she would be the third wheel.

She studied them from the corner of her eye as she took a seat at the bar and smiled at the blush occupying Alex’s features.

“Can I get you something?” Her attention was drawn to a bartender. His hair blond and his eyes a dark shade of blue. His features kind, he couldn’t be over twenty. Isis smiled sheepishly.

 “Can I get a coke?” she questioned and the corner of his lips quirked. Isis saw the slightest hint of dimples.

“Damn girl, you better slow down with that much alcohol.” He teased and Isis couldn’t help but smile.

“I know! I have already surpassed the legal definition of intoxication.” She played along and he smiled as he gave her what she ordered.

“Enough to let me take you home.” He teased and Isis smiled.

“I doubt I will ever be that out of it.” She leaned closer and whisper yelled.

“Why, don’t you trust me?” He feigned hurt.

“I just met you, would be a little naïve don’t you think.” She countered and he smiled.

“Do you always have a remedy for everything?” he questioned.

“Do you always assume that your charm works on every waking female?” She counted and he laughed.

“I am Jorden.” He revealed and held out his hand, Isis stared at it and placed her hand into his and they shook.

“Hey Jordo!” A voice signalled and Jorden excused himself to serve other customers. Isis sighed as she turned her attention to the crowd; Alex had disappeared to dance with Jared along with the rest of their company. Isis decided she would wait an hour and then leave under some pretence. Besides she could be spending her time catching up on sleep rather than sitting here pathetically.

Lex leaned against a wall in the darkest part of the club, drink in hand. He was intentionally ignoring the conversation of his acquaintance. He didn’t exactly have close friends, but knowing people was necessity and he was good at socializing. Tonight, however, he was feeling lost, and it was an emotion he was having since late. It confused the hell out of him but he dared not analyse the source.

“Hey, are you listening?” Lex was pulled into the conversation. He rose his eyebrows and Sam repeated. “You see the girl across there?” he directed Lex’s attention to the bar, where a obviously lonely girl sat. Recognition hit him along with something else. He felt some anger that she was here at such a club and alone.

Isis seemed out of place to Lex as if she didn’t want to be there and it was obvious she didn’t belong. She sat, oblivious to the lustful eyes of men perusing her sensuously clad body.

“She’s a beauty isn’t she?” Sam broke through his thoughts and Lex slowly turned his attention to the man.

“She’s my student.” Lex said more to himself.

“Your student, not mine.” Sam clarified and before Lex could stop him, Sam was pushing through the crowd in Isis’ direction. Lex told himself that he had no say in the personal lives of his students. They were all adults and free to do as they pleased. He turned his gaze away but he couldn’t control the clenching of his fists at his sides.

He peered in the direction Isis sat, Sam hadn’t gotten to her yet and Lex was growing impatient. He raked his fingers roughly through his hair.

“Oh fuck it.” He muttered to himself and stalked off in the Isis’ direction. 

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