Chapter Thirty-Eight: Discovering the truth

Days came and went since he'd been at that strange place surrounded by thick white fog. He tried to find a way out, but every attempt he made was unsuccessful. He kept returning to the same spotā€”the rock, next to the large stream.

Where was he? He sat naked on a large rock beside the stream, staring at the large body of water while his mind drifted off. He held both of his knees to his hard chest and closed his dark eyes, remembering what had happened before he'd found himself in that place.

Was he dead? Was he at the place where the soul of the dead wandered? If he was among the dead, why was he alone? Shouldn't there be others like him there who had passed away?

He did not know what to think anymore. Being there for such a long time, he thought he was losing his mind.

"Ha!" he raised his head and screamed in anger. He could see nothing but thick white fog around him.

He rested his head on his knees while pressing them to his chest. His long,

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Yazmine Reynoso Martinez {Violet Flame of love }
wait why would he not hear his wolf after this I mean having control has nothing to do with talking to his wolf is part of his spirit. this is wack
goodnovel comment avatar
Yazmine Reynoso Martinez {Violet Flame of love }
this means that maybe just maybe Elizabeth was in love with the hot red hair alpha guy. however why would get mother said that she was raped this is so confusing I hope this author knows that I'm s really odd treader I add up things before they happen it's also the way I write
goodnovel comment avatar
Yazmine Reynoso Martinez {Violet Flame of love }
ok so like according to my calculations of Christian is older than the no name girl who now calls herself Aphrodite that means that something is not right I mean that means that Christan father either is not his father or was already with his Luna and wanted Elizabeth too.

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