Chapter Forty-Two: Take me home

My heart raced and my eyes widened when I heard what the man outside had said. I stood closer behind Alpha Christian, never letting go of his hands. I felt nervous about meeting him again, since he knew that I was his daughter and not some sad, weak she-wolf he'd saved.

Suddenly I felt Alpha Christian turn his upper body. I raised my head and our eyes met. He questioned me without words.

I shook my head. As we continued to gaze into each other's eyes, I saw a great worry in his eyes. He was asking me silently why I didn’t want to see the man outside.

"Take me home," I said out loud, calling his home mine.

"Aria," I heard my father say.

My eyes widened, hearing the name my father had called me.

"Aria," he called me again, softly. "Please let me explain everything to you."

Not being able to stop myself, I moved from behind Alpha Christian, removing my hands from his and walked toward my father.

"I wish not to see you, rap

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Yazmine Reynoso Martinez {Violet Flame of love }
Come on really she’s not letting him talk isn’t she curious to hear the level oh hate her so call grandmother had to degradable her own daughter for being pregnant
goodnovel comment avatar
Terouz Z
I'm enjoying this book, thank you
goodnovel comment avatar
Caroline olliver
Geez 😒 this girl has been through hell and back on to the next chapter please

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