Chapter 13


Days had passed since I received the death note and paperbag containing the box with the dead cat. And a few days later I was already able to go and enter that palatial mansion of Eros. And right until now, I am still wondering about how it happened that he was the only one living in that oversized house? Are his parents dead? If not, where are they? Abroad? On vacation? Business meetings?

I want to ask him about those things but I don't think I'm in the position to interfere in anyone's life. But what amazes me more, with the sheer size and cost of their belongings in the mansion is that neither a guard nor an assistant doesn't have it. And the painting, why do I feel there is a deep meaning behind that painting.

And what bothers my brain even more are Calisse and Xander. What do they have to do with the mysteries that happening in my life

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