The Fall of a Guardian

The Fall of a Guardian

By:  Cathycastilloo  Completed
Language: English
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It's already passed 10pm when she walk along the narrow street to go home from somewhere. While she's walking on the side walk, she suddenly passed on a strange nearby abandoned building near the rainforest not too far from where she is. She stopped from walking when she notice that there was something different on the sky, she didn't know if she was just hallucinating or she just saw a light from it. But in a moment of realization, there was really a light on the sky that opened which she can't bear to stare. It's so painful in the eyes and it's really glamorous. A moment later, the light was vanished and there was a faint cry. The cry bacame louder until she notice that it was a voice of a man. A man who obviously suffering from the most painful thing. She composed herself from what she just saw earlier as she started to walk slowly to the direction where she heard the cry. Her legs brought her at the back of the abandoned building when she heard a heavy breathing behind the big tree as her heart begin to pound. "Is anybody here?" She said as she walk closer to the big tree, when she felt something who passed through her. She didn't recognize if what was it because it was too fast. When she reach the big narra tree, she took a peek on it that made her heart pound more. There was nothing behind the big tree but a blood on the ground with a soaked silky gray beautiful feathers.

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Jaime Sierra
Is the story written as badly as the synopsis? It sounds like a fantastic read but if it’s jumbled this bad I’m afraid I won’t understand a thing….
2021-12-01 01:48:03
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S.Oyogho dancing pen
the blurb is thrilling
2021-11-20 08:58:36
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Ovie Owen
Mysterious and catching, very fine story line
2020-11-19 15:28:35
default avatar
it's a great story! by the way, is there any social media to discuss your story further? if there any, please let me know. thanks in advance :)
2021-07-12 12:15:32
39 Chapters
My eyes widened because of awe and disbelief."H-how? W-why are you... what was that?"I don't know if what's the exact statement to asked. My brain is not working well because of the unexpected oddity."I was fallen in two ways. The first one is literally and the second one is with a human that I shouldn't fall in love with," he conceded which made me look very surprised."W-what?" I have lots of questions on my head and curiosity filled my whole system but that was the only word that I manage to utter."I have broken the rules," he retorted that slightly parted my mouth.What the hell—
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Chapter 1
I sighed a few times as I stood up at a huge door in front of me as my mind debated whether to open it or not. I could hear the music and laughter of those people behind this door, I composed myself and took another deep breath while gripping the doorknob and turned it but I still don't have the confidence to open it, I clenched my fist and dauntlessly touched the doorknob once again. It isn't my first time going here but right at this moment, I felt like it was.   I understand that I am not welcome inside because, from the very first place, I know that they didn't want me for him anymore, especially her. She loathed me to the point that she would forcefully push me away from her son, but I am still here making myself stupid and fool while hoping that one day, she would finally accept me as her son's girlfriend. I didn't do something for her to despise me this much and I don't have a
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Chapter 2
Ynnah   "Ladies and Gentleman, PAL flight number 143 will be landing in Manila in five minutes. Please fasten your seatbelts when the signal flashes on, this is your flight captain. Have a good day and enjoy your trip, thank you."   I was startled when I heard the announcement. I immediately sat up and looked around. They were fastening their seatbelts already so, I did mine too.    After fastening my seatbelt, I immediately looked out of the plane window. In just a few minutes, the plane will land on the runway of NAIA airport.   I put my hand on my chest and felt it. The pain and misery that I felt before and the fear of going back here to the Philippines are already gone.   I am ready. I am ready to live peacefully in this place free from the pain and bitterness of the past. And I am so happy about it.   It's been two years. Two years since I left thi
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Chapter 3
Ynnah   I decided to go wander around our subdivision while I didn't know where to go yet. It's been two years since the day I left and a lot had changed in this neighborhood. The alleys, decorations, and all seem to have changed. As I looked around the area, my eyes widened at the image of a man who's now standing not far from me while staring intently at my face seems like he's recognizing me.   Xander. I thought as I stared back at him.   I almost forgot we're neighbors by the way. Their house is just two corners away from us and it looks like my feet brought me here, opposite the pole with a mini forest not far from their house where we always met before. And it looks like he just came out of the gate.   If I was still the same Ynnah two years ago, maybe now, I am still pursuing him everywhere and take good
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Chapter 4
Ynnah   "Ynnah! please.."    Goodness! What the hell is he doing!? Does he think I still have plans to get him back? Even if he would going to make an embarrassing scandal here at the Mall, I will never come back to him!   "Y-ynnah?" he asked in surprise.   "Yeah, it's me... Xander."   He blinked a few times, seems like he couldn't believe that after two years our path will cross once again. He hems for a seconds before he spoke.   "How are you? It's been a while. I have no information from you after what happened," he said as he bit his lower lip and avoided my gaze.   Feeling guilty, huh?   "Well-" I flashed a smile towards him that made him ta
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Chapter 5
Ynnah   I stared at him unbelievably. I can't figure out if he's telling the truth or not. I tried to read him but his face was just so blank. How could a stranger know me? Hello? We just met!   "Are you kidding me?" I said as I raised my brow and cross my arms at the front of my chest.    "No," he replied.   This man testing my patience!   "Then how? How do you know me? It's impossible that we already met before because I don't remember anything." I said when I realize something. I gaze at him in disbelief. "Are you my stalker or something?"   "No.." then he shook his head again.   I felt embarrassed at the moment. However, I still don't believe him. He is also weird and strange! Did he just let me stay here so he could just stare at me all day? This man is giving me a cringe. He didn't even bother to tell me his name!  
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Chapter 6
Ynnah "So, what would be our topic?" I asked while crossing my both arms and legs with my prepared notepad and pen that were placed above the table. We are here in the school canteen discussing about what will be our topic in the case study that we will both do. "I like cases about murders and any other crime issues, but that wasn't educational enough so we should think of other recent issues or topics that related to our rights. How about, human rights crisis in the Philippines? Was that fine with you?" he said while scanning his phone. This man was very strange! Does he really like those cases of murders? Goodness! Even a bleeding wound, I am still frightened to look at. "That's fine with me." I said as I jotted down on my notepad about the ideas he had said. "Do you have any social media account? I'll just add you so I can send to you the case link, later." "No, I
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Chapter 7
Ynnah   "Francine!"   I get up immediately when someone squealed and shook me by the arm. The moment I opened my eyes, my older brother's face is what I saw forthwith. Fear is written in his eyes. I get my ass up soon as I roamed my eyes around my whole room in so much fear.   Dream.   "Hey, are you okay?" I shifted my gaze to my older brother who was now sitting next to me while busy stroking my back.   "Brother!" I threw myself at him immediately as I cried out of fear.   As I hugged my brother, I couldn’t help but look around. I roamed my eyes around my room once again and then my gaze shifted to the glass door. No shadows, no Eros. No one was around except me and my brother. Thank goodness it was all just a dream!   "It's okay, princess. Hush now, it's alright," he said soothing me while still caressing my back.  
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Chapter 8
Ynnah   "Eros, where do you really intend to take me?" I don't know how many times I have repeated that line since we left the university.   And in those few times, I knew he was also annoyed by my unending questions. It's been an hour since we traveled and I still have no idea where he will take me.   I took a glimpse of him when he didn't even bother to answer my question. He just stared at the road while his face is dull and no emotions at all. Well, what's new anyway?   When I made sure he had no intention of answering my qualm, I just irritatedly leaned against the backrest of the passenger seat while my two arms were wrapped around my chest with my lips protruded when the nightmare from last night popped out on my mind out of a sudden.   Is it real? I asked myself and gazed at Eros who was still focused on the road.   My dream is so terrible which seems
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Chapter 9
Ynnah   I got up up so early in the morning so I preferred to went to school early than before. Our instructor isn't there yet as there's still thirty minutes before our first period so, I decided to checked our case study on my laptop first and reviewed it, because there might be typos and grammatical errors ahead so, it's better to be certain. And maybe because there are missing and excessive explanations and evidences so it's better to be sure so that we won't have difficulty in explaining later.   "Ynnah, are you done with your case study?" asked one of my classmates who had just arrived which I nod in response.   "Yep, I just reviewed it. Why?" I asked as my eyes still fixed at my laptops monitor.   "When you are done reviewing your case study, can you take it to the Deans office afterwards? Ms. Arado ordered that, and she's also asking your presence," he said and handed me three thick books.
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