Chapter 47


"I, Alpha Karen Gray, Challenge you, Luna Lisa Matthews, to the death, for the title of Luna to Riverstone pack and the right to mate Alpha Emmett Stone," Karen says with a sneer.

I growl loudly. She wants to be my mate..... she wants to strip Lisa of her rightful position. My wolf will have to honor the bond if she defeats my love. But if she loses, Riverstone gains her entire pack.

My whole pack growls loudly. Mike and Moira are trembling with rage. Clint's fists are clenched, and Scott is smiling. Full-on smiling.

"I accept your challenge, Karen. You will never have my mate," Lisa spits the words. Loudly.

"Do you realize my sister has killed two wolves in like two months Bitch," Scott suddenly yells. "Oh, and she has only been a full werewolf for...oh

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Comments (5)
goodnovel comment avatar
Gosh that was great
goodnovel comment avatar
Kirsty McGregor
Oh the irony, turns out there’s “Karen’s” in the wolf world too.........
goodnovel comment avatar
the moon goddess wouldn't of picked her to be royalty , queen of all wolves if she was weak at all

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