A bad boy

Instead of spending the evening day dreaming about Clyde like I'd planned, I allowed myself get dragged to a party I didn't want to attend. I knew I'd regret it. Every time, I changed my mind, something always went wrong. Why would it be different this time? After hours of preparation, Beck came to take us to the off campus house party in his super cool sports car. As expected, his girlfriend Kelsey sat on the passenger seat while the three of us occupied the back seats.

The house was huge, more of a mansion. When the car stopped, those of us in the back had to get over before Kelsey could lean close to Beck for a kiss. None of us wanted to see that. We knew just how far they could go in a very short time.

While we got some air, we studied the vicinity. The house had a nice garden and an immaculate compound. After a short while, Kelsey and Beck joined us.

“Let's go in and party,” she yelled.

The party was normal, like every other off campus party but it wasn't themed like most I'd gone to. The moment we entered, we sort of dispersed. Nina and Ruby went to find guys to hook up with while I stood awkwardly, taking in the atmosphere. I was starting to wish I was back in my room watching a movie. I always got left alone at parties. Why did my friends even bother to insist that I come with them so they could abandon me? They knew how hard it was for me to make new friends or talk to people I didn't know.

I decided to start off with a drink but as I made my way through the few early birds around, a familiar looking someone blocked my way.

“Have I seen you before?” He peered into my eyes. I frowned, shaking my head because I couldn't remember him yet he seemed quite familiar. Then it hit me! I saw him at LaFun. He was the boy Clyde and his friends didn't like. What's his name again? Chris. Bad luck seemed to be following me.

Clyde had warned me about him so I had to be careful.

“No,” I answered defiantly. “I have never seen you. Get out of my way.”

“Now I remember,” he smirked. “You're Clyde's girl, right? I saw you with him.”

Could someone please increase the music volume? I really didn't want to talk to this guy. He was bad news according to Clyde.

“Clyde?” I narrowed my eyes. “Who is Clyde? I don't know anyone called Clyde.”

“Clyde Dune,” he grinned. “Stop pretending. You're not a little girl anymore so grow up and act like an adult. This is not kindergarten.”

“I don't know Clyde so stop wasting my time.” I tried to turn away but he pulled me back. I tried to shake my arm off in vain.

“Liar,” he said, making me face him.

“Call me whatever you want,” I retorted. “I don't know you so I don't really care. Go and trouble someone else as you're clearly mistaken.”

“So bold, I like that.” he laughed, sipping his drink while peering at me over the glass. “It seems Clyde and I have one thing in common. We like the same type of girls.”

“I don't know what you're-” I didn't finish my sentence because a light brown haired girl squeezed herself into the space between us. That's when I made my escape but I was to realize it was short-lived. As soon as I got a can of Natty Light, I ran into him again. I rolled my eyes, shaking my head.

“Leave me alone, Satan.” I told him as I passed by.

“Satan?” He chuckled, following me as I headed to the exit. “Now that's an interesting name. I think I like it.”


I didn't feel like being inside the house anymore. I had not wanted to go to the party but I'd been dragged by my friends. I regretted listening to them. I could be in my bed watching a movie or fantasizing about Clyde. Since I could not go to my dorm, I decided to go outside, sit in a quiet spot and drift into dream land. When would I ever learn from my mistakes? I had to stop letting my friends influence me even though I lived them. I needed to live my life on my own terms.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get any peace. Chris followed me like a predator which was quite weird for a handsome boy like him. I was that his interest in me was not romantic. What did he want from me?

“I'm Chris,” he said when we exited the house.

“I don't remember asking for your name. Stop following me around, you creep.”

“But you were dying to know, right?”


“Clyde must have told you my name and I'm sure he warned you to stay away from me. Why else would you try to avoid a hot guy like me?”

“You think you're hot?” I faked surprise and laughed.

“Tell me what Clyde told you?” He looked serious this time. He was so cute when he was serious. I could stare at him forever. His smile was even better.

“Like what you see?” I hadn't realized I was staring.

I didn't answer him.

“I'll take that as a yes,” He grinned. “You're really pretty and cool. I’m sure lots of people want you. Why do you stick to that bastard Clyde. What's so good about him? Why don't you leave that useless prick?”

Without intending, my palm came into contact with his face. How dare he insult Clyde like that? The look on his face forced me to run into the house. I wasn't safe outside with him.

Would I be safer inside? My heart raced. Why did I come to this stupid party? I should have listened to Clyde when he told me to take care of myself. I shouldn't have talked to Chris. I looked behind me and there he was!

Chris was going to kill me.

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