Chapter 72 Blame Game

Turvi's pov 

I opened my eyes and closed them again. The light is irritating my eyes.

I again open my eyes slowly trying to adjust with the bright light. 

I am in my room and few machines are attached to my body. 

I don't remember completely what happened last time but I only remember that I had pain in my lower abdomen and I was bleeding. 

Bleeding? My babies? 

I looked at my stomach and found it flat. No no it can't happen.. 

"Aaryav! Aaryav where are you?" I screamed and started to cry 

My babies! I can't live without them… 

"Butterfly you're awake." Aaryav said coming from outside 

"My babies what happened to them? Why is my bump not present? Why is it flat? Tell me." I asked him or better demanded from him 

"Calm down Butterfly, this

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