Chapter 6: We Know What You Are Doing

Jake could feel the tension that sat heavy in the air as his father stood before him a frown on his face and a sneer pulling at his lips. He could tell that his father was fighting the urge to scream like he knew that there were ears on their house. Instead, he nodded to his study and just bean to walk off not a word simply striding as if he owned the place and he in fact did. Jake took in a heavy breath knowing that the whole reason that they were going to his study was to get yelled at. Since he was a detective and had a loss of information that if gotten into the wrong hands could sink a lot of cases, he had the room soundproof and had a lock on it that only Ethan could open.

Jake looked once wistfully at the door knowing that he was never going to get to leave for his project session yet. He debated sending the Hale siblings a text that he was going to be late but realized that he did not ha
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