Leave Me Alone!

Penny ran behind him, trying to keep up his pace, staring blankly at his back, completely dazed about what happened just now. Was he her savior or he had bought her from Maxim? Was she going to be his slave now? Who was he? She thought she was going to pass off again. Blood from her mind drained down when she thought that this man was going to keep her as his sex slave. She passed out. 

Feeling her go limp behind him, the Lycae growled “Human!” She was on the floor. And the next moment she was lugged on his shoulder. He loped towards the jungles. He was agitated as hell being at a serious loss. He was now without information he needed so desperately, for which he had been waiting for so long and on top of that he had a liability—a human.

As Ludwig ran through the jungles with Penny on his shoulder, his senses were taking their toll. His eyelids were growing heavy as his left hand curled around her thighs to keep her in position on his shoulder. He could inhale her sex that was right next to his nose and all he wanted to do was bury his nose there. This was the most bizarre moment of his life. No matter how much he thought that he would dump her somewhere safe, he only ended up taking her further inside the jungles, towards his domain, towards his kingdom. 

‘She is going to me my slave,’ he had said that to the demon. And he was going to make her his slave for life. She had been such a distraction to his mission. He was so close to getting the information from Maxim about the necklace, and now—now he didn’t know what to do. Maxim had surely become his sworn enemy. He would never tell him the location and at what cost? - For saving the human, the weak human, who was now a burden to him? His other hand’s claws dug into the palm and he almost pierced the flesh. He was so angry with him, with her, yet her smell drove him… mad. It was the smell of blades of grass and mist. He was overwhelmed with sensations he hadn’t known existed. His muscles flexed and he picked up the speed.

Gods, she was… beautiful and exquisite.

He ran for a long time with her and slowed down when he was in the safety of the familiar surroundings. 

Moments later, he spotted a creek whose water gurgled around the small stones that pebbled its floor. He saw a patch of clear grass near a small pool of water where the creek stopped for a while before meandering further down. Ludwig walked up to that clearing and slid her down his body slowly. Her bandeau lifted a little showing the lower part of her breasts and he hitched a breath when they touched his skin through his tattered jacket. He placed her down gently and stood up. 

When he looked at her sprawled across the grass, he gulped. Her rosy lips were parted slightly. The silk smooth marble skin had black and blue marks, which angered him crazily. The crane-like neck dipped to the most beautiful collarbones he had seen and further down— his mind became blank all over again. Her sumptuous, round breasts shaped beneath the bustier through which her nipples could be seen easily. His gaze traveled to her long shapely legs and the short mini-skirt that she was wearing. It was doing nothing to hide her black lacy thong that covered her crotch so sexily that he had to do everything to stay in control and not claim her. 

Wait. What? Claim her? Where did that thought come from? Frustration sprang up. What would Zoe tell him? He had thrown away that little chance of marrying his mate soon because of a weakling. 

“I am sorry Zoe,” he muttered. He turned his gaze away from Penny and walked to the pool. It had been three days of careful planning gone to waste because of one silly decision. He kicked a stone on the ground, which flung and settled inside the pool. Ludwig sat beside the pool holding his head and fisting his hair in disappointment. “Ah Gods! What have I done?” he roared. 

To cool off his anger, he took his clothes off and dived in the pool, naked. He submerged himself under water for a long time to reflect on the past. But one thing was sure—the mortal had to pay for what she had done. He would make her his slave for the rest of his life. He would make her his wife’s slave for the time she lived. He had wasted so much money on her, and now he would reap the benefits of it. 


When Penny woke up, her vision was blurry. She looked up at the hazy sky. It was cloudy. She pulled herself up to a sitting position as nausea washed over her. She realized that she wasn’t in the brothel and relief washed over her. Then she turned her gaze around and she found herself deep somewhere in the middle of a jungle. The thick dense Sitka spruce and cedar trees were cloaking the sky as they formed a canopy overhead. A creak was flowing nearby that pooled in a place. The water of the pool was so serene that she felt like diving in. Where was the man with claws? Her buyer? Did he dump her here in the middle of the forest and run away? A shiver ran down her spine. She gathered courage and pulled her up on her feet. Her clothes were so scanty that she blushed looking at herself. Penny stumbled towards the pool with a strangled cry. Where would she go from here? She was all alone and absolutely nowhere to go. 

From the frying pan into the fire. 

She closed her eyes and tears burned her throat. In a week’s time, her life was upside down. She neared the pool and lowered her legs in it. The water was so balmy and soft, so welcoming that it seeped her tension away. Warm breeze caressed her face and it soothed her. She lowered her body in the pool completely. It was heaven. She didn’t want to think about the future as of now. She closed her eyes, dipped her head in the pool and immediately came out. 

She walked further inside when all of a sudden, the water on the surface rippled and a man emerged. “You!” Penny scrambled back and lost her balance, falling again inside the pool. When she stood on her feet, she found him staring at her. She tried to walk away from him in the waist-deep pool but her legs were like logs. They didn’t move. The man was naked, revealing a body she had gaped at. And his erection was so huge that she gasped.  

He closed in on her with a clenched jaw. He looked so dangerous that she stepped back. “Stop!” she rasped. 

“You bloody mortal!” the man bellowed and took long strides to close on her. He held her by her arms and hurled her away from him. 

Penny landed on her side almost to the other end of the pool. Her head reeled again and she thought dizziness was taking over. But she shook her head. ‘Stay awake Penny else he would take advantage of you.’ She shook her head to clear the dizziness. She got up to her feet. The monster was coming near her again. He was so much more bulky and lithe. She could see that his tendons strained in his neck. His irises were glowing onyx. His chiseled face still had the marks of blood and so did his torso. 

Was he naked? Penny closed her mouth with her hands. “Don’t come near me,” she said in as intimidating a tone as she could. This can’t be happening. 

“Human, I promise you that I am going to give you severe punishment!” Why was he so angry? He just saved her. Why did he save her? Nothing fitted.

He lunged at her and held her with her throat. His strength was freakishly inhuman. “I will make you my slave!” She held his hand and struggled to get out of the grip. When he left her, she started to cough, gasping for breath. Slave? She should have been afraid of him, but all she felt was fury rising within her. When she became steady she said, “I don’t want to stay here. I will leave you now.” Saying that she started to walk out of the pool. How dare this man try to snatch her freedom?  

The man yanked her back holding a bunch of her golden hair that was wet. “You will not disobey me, human!” 

Penny was aghast. She held her hair to save herself from the pain and said, “What the hell are you doing? What do you want? Leave me alone!”

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Toni Smith
Grammar errors corrected would make the book even better
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This chapter is great!!! I can't describe my feeling as it is mixed. Will bought some coins for next because it is worth to read.
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Bella Jersey
He doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going

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