"I am truly me in the company of you. even if it's on the phone. You make me feel butterflies, in my stomach. it's a beautiful feeling bending me towards you. " [Jacqueline]

Jacky's POV:

The deep pitter-patter of rain reverberated through the window of my bus as I adjusted my backpack on my legs sitting on my usual seat in the back of the bus.

I glanced outside the window, watching as people passed by the side of the bus trying to find some roof to protect themselves from rain. Eventually, as my eyes moved forward I set my eyes on a handsome boy in our white school shirt who walked through the crowd to the way where our bus was parked in the heavy rain. Not even caring if he was wet. Entering through the gate, he shook his head water dripping from his black hair, water seeping into his wet white shirt and grey pants creating ugly dirt marks on the floor of the bus.

The driver must have said som

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