"Forgiving a person, who is not at all apologetic is good for yourself. But giving the same person a chance to hurt you again, is the worst thing you will do to yourself." [Jacqueline]



It's been Four days since I and Remo talked, he didn't send me any messages, nor did I. His words, even though he didn't say them, were still ringing in my ears. It was a feeling I didn't want to feel again. Though I did have thought about his words and concluded that he was just being brutally honest with me. And it wasn't like he said it because he wanted to hurt me, it was me who pushed him to answer me like that.

"Hey who are you dreaming about?"

Rohan questioned me, with furrowed brows. He had been missing school for a few days. It was a surprise for him to come to school today. I didn't think he would come today. Now that I looked at him, he looked rather haggard.

"No one, you tell me where have you been these past days?" I questioned him back.

His fingers are drumming on
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