Chapter 5.

"So it's true, her parents are murderers. How horrible."  I fought back my tears as talks about my parents flowed amongst the maids. They went on and on about a crime I didn't commit. I had no idea what was going on at that time and even now. Still they made it seem like  I was responsible for everything.

Soon, other maids joined in on the conversation, taking pride from talking against I, not caring about the consequences. "I wonder,  doesn't that make her one of them too? I mean she's got their blood in her." Right, they just want to make things clear that am no different from my parents, well that's too bad because unlike them I know my parents and they can never think of killing someone not less kill, I'll just have to wait for the right opportunity to prove them wrong.

"Very true." They laughed.

"Enough you two." Miss Hailey yelled. They immediately became silent, and were careful not to anger the chief maid. "You behave like children, while this child behaves the opposite. It's not her fault if something like that happened and I don't blame her. She's just a child, you shouldn't act so foolishly around her. Now get back to your duties. And do not think for one second that I will let you skip your chores. Do you understand me." I really don't know what I'd do without her, she's been nothing but kind since I stepped foot here, how can I ever repay her.

"Yes Ma'am." They said as they dismissed themselves. Still, I could hear the maids chuckle behind us. Miss Hailey quietly took  me away, it was almost time for me to go to school.

As the car parked right outside the staff quarters. Though I was glad I could continue my studies, I couldn't think straight. Still almost nothing could ruin my day. "Hey. Murderer." Someone yelled. It was a boy about my age, they called Tom, well he really was a tom, always mischievous, I wonder what he wants though.  His friends erupted into laughter as they scorned me  worse than before. Like I said, 'almost' because, it didn't matter what I did, no one would like me. Now that I was back from school, I was reminded of who I was. An outcast , an unwanted child. This was now my name, it was either 'murderer' or 'child of the murderer' it depended on their mood. I didn't have a say on what they should call her anymore. It was no longer my decision to make. I was bullied, hated, mocked, abused and worse, the only person I had was Miss Hailey. I had just begun hating herself when Miss Hailey said  to "hold your head up high and face your problems with an iron fist." Showering me with praises and more, she took me as her own and raised me with love. I really had nothing to worry about so long as I had her.

While preparation for the ritual of the Alpha was ongoing, his will was also being read. Madam Taylor had requested I serve her for an entire week and never leave her side, which is code for 'you're dead meat.' Am not really sure what her problem is, either way am innocent.

The family lawyer brought forward the will and began the reading. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, until they got to the very last part of the will, The Inheritance. Taylor examined her wine  glass, while waiting for the lawyer to read the last part. She glanced at me and turned away mockingly.

The lawyer finally reached the best part. "I give, devise and bequeath all of the remaining and residual property I have ownership of at the time of my death, whether real property, personal property or both, of whatever kind and wherever be situated equally to my seven sons. Should one or more of them not be living, then I give, devise and bequeath all of his remaining and residual property I have ownership of at the time of my death, whether real property, personal property or both, of whatever kind and wherever situated to his mother absolutely and entirely." At the sound of that, Taylor dropped her glass. Well, I think it serves her right.

She wasn't the only one shocked, all those inside the room were as speechless as she was, no one would have suspected such an act. Taylor shook as she repeated what he said. "SEVEN SONS". Everyone stared at each other as she fought back her tears strongly. "Why would he add their names, just what was he trying to prove." She asked as she panicked. Hoho, it means she was aware her husband was cheating on her from the start. She grabbed the will from his hand and carefully went through the will once more. "How dare he." She whisper.

"I have called them and asked them to come. They should arrive here by tomorrow in time for the funeral." The lawyer said. Well there was nothing she could do now, he had cheated on her, what a partner. She asked me to leave the room so she could chat with the lawyer, right now I really want to stay by the side.

The news of the Alpha's infidelity spread like wildfire, everyone was talking about it. It wasn't something she could hide anymore. I wanted to help spread the news too but Miss Hailey had threatened me if I did. Soon everyone was looking forward to meeting the rest of the family. There was absolutely nothing Madam Taylor could do to prevent that.

The day arrived so quickly, more than I had expected. I had sleepless nights because of today. Reading Madam Taylor's expression I could tell she was pissed. "They're here." I heard one of the guards say. With speed she dashed towards the hallway waiting to meet her competitors. If she was this desperate to meet them then she should had done something earlier. When I reached Madam Taylor, I was speechless, what I saw was rather a shocker.

A lady first walked in silencing her on the spot. Soon another lady followed and another, the four of them met each other with a look of surprise.  The three lines up before her. "Woah. You got played too." The second lady said as she burst into laughter. 

The first was a lady, who looked rather bored and a little far, like she didn't understand anything at all. She pointed to Madam Taylor and asked. "Who's she?" 

"His wife." The third lady said.

The second gave a devilish grin and rubbed her chin to ridicule her. "She had no idea he was cheating on her with three women, did you." The second said in laughter. Standing there was enough to make my day. This is the best task I had since being here.

Taylor looked so embarrassed. Her worst fear had become a reality. Her husband didn't just screw one woman, he screwed three, apart from her. "Did you?" The third lady asked.

"Nope." The first said, she scanned throughout her body from her head to her toes. "Wow, she's really pretty. No wonder he always disappeared early in the morning."

"Well aren't you lucky. He leaves during the afternoon." The third said.

"Shut up."

"I'm not lying." Suddenly Madam Taylor grinned wickedly. "Why is she looking at us like that." The third asked.  The look on her face was noticed by everyone, so I backed away unconsciously. Immediately she snapped back to reality, composing herself.

The first smiled. "She's mad at us, obviously. By the way, I'm Lucia." She moved forward and took her hand forcefully. Taylor's hands were unexpectedly shook by the very people she hated.

"Brenda." The second said.

"April." The third said.

Brenda pressed further and asked for her name. "And you are?" Taylor was so shocked to the point of speechlessness. "Hello."Brenda said, snapping her fingers before her. She jumped back and stared at them in surprise as they repeated the question. 


With a smile on her face, Brenda greeted her warmly. "Nice to meet you Taylor." 

"So Brenda." April called. "When did you notice he was the Alpha?"

She looked away with shyness, unable to comprehend her words. "I knew he was an Alpha, I just didn't know what pack he was from. Besides by the time I found out he was married, it was too late. We already had two sons."

"Two?" Taylor repeated.


April said. "Same here. Except I have just one. But he left after he got me pregnant, he just sends money." When she says this, I could recall that conversation with Madam Taylor and her anger towards her husband's will, it was logical that she was behind all this, just to make sure she gets what she wanted.

Only one remained silent during the conversation, they glanced at a quiet Lucia and shook her. "What's your story." Brenda asked. 

Lucia maintained a proper posture and turned away. "Can't tell."

"Well, that just makes me more curious." April murmured.

Brenda didn't give up, although she was an adult. She had worked on tactics like a child and resulted to poking and pestering. "Oh come, spill." But Lucia was a tough nut to crack.


"Hey not fair. Tell us." April begged.

"I got married to him." 

The two jumped up, they stared at each other as if they just returned from a foreign land. "No way." They chorused.

Taylor couldn't believe her ears. "You're married to my husband?" 

"Yep. By the way how old is your son ?" Lucia said, trying to change the subject.

April was the first to speak up. "15."

"My baby just clocked 16, my other boy is 18." Brenda said.

Taylor couldn't believe at the time space of how long he's been cheating on her. "Impossible." She blurted out. The others just laughed at her, and then continued.

"What about you second wifey." April said.

"18 and 19." Lucia said.

"Score. Which leaves you." They were all waiting for Taylor. She didn't seem like she was interested in this topic at all.

However she carried her shoulders up and boastfully said. "I have twins, they're 20." She wanted to make them understand her place as the Alpha's wife. After all. Her children were the eldest which meant only one thing. He loved her first. Now it was a matter for the fight of the position of Alpha. More successors meant trouble for each of them.

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