Chapter 96.

He looked paralyzed like he's seen a ghost. Does that number hold an important place in his heart, cause I just couldn't read his speechless expression. He kept mumbling something to himself, frowning and rubbing his temples, he's walked about the room three times, just what the hell is his reason. "Ah ha. Isn't that mother's birth year." Wait, his mother's birth year, and just why would father have a note with the late Alpha wife's birth year in it, could it be a coincidence that all this happened. No with all these crazy stuff going on in this family I doubt anything is just a coincidence anymore.

The birth year of Derrick's mother as the password to a safe well I thought we only had one safe, could there be another one I didn't know of, a safe... A safe... "Wait a minute, there is one safe we don't know the password to, the code to the safe. The safe at the Maxwell mansion." I tell him. Quickly we get into the car and drive all the way to the mansion.

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