Chapter 3

      It was the second week of school and Cheryl loved her new school.Not all of it, she disliked Camilla who seemed to fight her every chance she got.Cassidy on the other hand was trying to win her for some reason.She and Winter had become best friends really fast.

      Everybody seemed scared of Camilla or to want to be atleast friends with her.Girls were drooling all over Cassidy.Not that she could blame them.He was very attractive,fit body and owned the school.They were walking to lunch with Winter when Cami blocked their entrance.“I see miss bookworms finally found a friend to keep,”she said.“What do you want miss what the hell is your name again?”Cheryl asked.

    “You bore me to death,Cheryl.Do shut up when I am not talking to you,”she said smiling sarcastically.Then she turned her attention to Winter.“I am inviting you to a party,in my house.And a seat at the hightable with us.Tonight.Invites only,”she said glaring at Che

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