Chapter 5

     As soon as they were inside Cami's house,which was very magnificent least to say,Cami herself was by their side in no time.“You look very beautiful tonight Winter.Kindly join us in the high table,”she said hugging her.Winter couldn't tell if it was genuine or just to piss off Cheryl.

    Then she turned to Cheryl.“I don't associate with your sense of fashion.And this is an invites only party and I do not recall inviting you.Don't make me kick you out,”she said.Cass came to the rescue.“Aren't you the most beautiful girl in this party tonight,”he said hugging Cheryl.Cami rolled her eyes.“Thank you handsome,”she replied.“She's with me Cami,I invited her and Winter,”he said.“I invited Winter not her.Lets go girl,”she said leading Winter away.

       “Cami can be an ass but I promise you she is sweet and an angel,”he said in her defence.“Where is all the fun you were talking about?”she asked in mockery.He took her hand and led

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