HAYDEN (p o v) 

   Those people who were beating kids... they came to me and said to give back kid.. I fought with them.. soon my body guards came and took them... this kid asked " who are they..?? " I said " may be police.. " 

   then I took kids to hospital for treatment... I told them to wait.. this is the hospital which my friend Allen is chairman. and even he is also a doctor.. so everyone knows me here as I am friend of him.. when I entered hospital.. everyone looked at me to greet.. I signalled them not to speak with my eyes.. I just contacted doctor... after speaking to him... I took them to my orphanage home.. which I opened.. I told my workers to take care them and to take them to hospital of Allen next month.. 

kid(elina): "all were speaking to you very closely to you.. and some were calling you as boss and sir.. why?? "

I was shocked... I thought did she got any doubt in my identity... I was drinking water

. I chocked it and cough... 

kid: "hey what happened?? " patted my back... 

me: " ah nothing... I am hay.. I am Harry.. me too orphan.. even I grow up here only... so they talked to me closely.. and coming to the one who called me boss or sir.. even me too sometimes I mean whenever I have free time.. I will come here.. so he thinks I am also working here and senior so he called me as boss.. nothing else.. " I don't want to reveal my identity to anyone.... 

then I got call from my office.. I excused her.. and went from there... I went back to my home.. I called my member to bring files which I have to sign to my home.. I went to my study room.. I was checking my mails.. soon my sceretory "Megan" came.. I checked files and signed and gave back to her.. she went back.... 

   After working for sometime.. I was about to go.. I remembered something.. I opened my drawer and took locket...

me(looking locket): "you know milky.. today I came across like how we met... the same position what we were there in nine years back... like that only same two kids were going through.. I saved them and send them to my orphan.. I am sure.. they will lead happy life.. anyways where are you milky.. come back soon.."


NO POV... 

in dark room.. only a light was coming from small window.. two kids were sitting in corner of the room... opposite to each other.. the teenage boy is none of other than our Hayden... both Hayden and that kid were kidnapped in childhood... other kid was girl....  seeing teenage boy...  

little girl : " big friend.. actually I am kid.. so they kidnapped me easily.. but you are so big.. how did you came here.. I feel like laughing at you.. so shame.. "

hayden: " I believed my best friend.. but who knows he will do this to me.. they kidnap kids and ask money from parents.... it's there work.. "

our Hayden said in cool... but little girl got scared... 

little girl: " oh that means they will call our parents... what if our parents won't give money to them??"

hayden: "they may take any part of organ from our body and made us to beg in streets.."

little girl got scared and started to cry.. but Hayden was clam.. 

hayden: "hey don't cry.. they may listen our voice.. I will find a way to escape.. just co-operate with me.. "  little girl nodded her head obediently...

after few minutes..

hayden: "shall we escape milky ??"

little girl: " how??  and why are you calling me milky?? " 

hayden: " see there is a window.. will jump from it and go..  and I called you milky.. because you are looking like that.. your skin color is pure like milky white... so I will call you milky"

milky: "fine big friend... what if we again caught.. if anybody see us outside.. and it's too height(pointing to window) "

hayden: " so we should be careful.. first I will jump and see if anyone is there.. then I will tell you.. "

little girl nods her head.. Hayden jumps and see no one was there.. he tells his milky girl to come.. first he picks that girls and directs how to go out through window and sends milky girl out then he comes out...they both run together... as little girl is small she was unable to match Hayden..

hayden: "hey milky.. run fast..."

little kid: "i am trying.."

 so Hayden picks her on his shoulder and run.. like that they both escape from that place.. when they came little far from that place.. 

little girl: "big friend put me down.. I will go from here.. I know my route to my home from here.. bye big friend.. thank you for saving me.. "

hayden: "hey wait milky.. whats your name?? "

but our little girl doesn't turn back.. she goes from there.. but her locket was fallen to ground.. Hayden picks it and goes from there.. " 


so HAYDEN and that little girl doesn't introduce names in their child time.. and it happened nine years back... 


Hayden (p. o. v) 

Hayden (looking locket): " you know many things happened in my life milky.. do you remember me milky..? if I come in front of you now.. will you identify me..?? will I identity you?? hope you are fine and we will meet soon milky.. right now I need to go back to that baster office.. see you later... bye milky...." I kept the locket in box and went to Michael office...

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