Chapter 6


I am in love with Ellie and I am pretty sure she is in love with me. I have to come clean with her . Snooping around her notebook was wrong. I had told Julius who told me when he came through to the soccer club's office that; what I did was wrong and she couldn't lie to Ellie. I tried to call her and I even left texts, but she didn't respond. I knew she would be mad at me and I couldn't just show up at the club and spoil her night. What I did was sneaky. I knew she would be back before midnight so I decided to get her a sorry pack. Basically I filled a basket with all of her favorite things and wrote an apology note. I took it with me to the lake house and waited for her there. I really needed to buy a new house close to home . 

I waited for Ellie and I must have dosed off because I was woken up by the sound of my phone vibrating. I got off the couch and reached for it on the kitchen counter , and answered it.


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