Aleph immediately used his hands to shield Azaliah and Hagne while he glared hard at Abaddon. He was terrified, this was the first time he was fighting a demon alone, and a high ranked demon for that matter. But he was Azaliah’s protector and his duty was to keep her safe even if he died. He didn’t want to die.

Abaddon cocked his head to the side in a teasing manner. He had scanned the angel who had taken a defensive stance against him and he fought the urge to laugh. He expected the fight to be extremely tough but just like the female angel, her guardian was as weak as a leaf.

“I’m waiting for you to strike the first blow”. He said tauntingly. Aleph’s frown deepened, the demon was toying with him.

Abaddon wanted to know the strength of his powers before he did anything. If there was one thing he learned from his master Ezra, it was that power should not be wasted on the weak.

Aleph still didn’t move. Partially be

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