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The rules of the fallen are simple . Ten days. Ten days, you live without sin and you will be accepted back into heaven. It's just ten days, it shouldn't be that hard. Until the rules became applicable to fragile, innocent Azaliah who after an ambush, was thrown out of heaven by mistake and began her transition into a human. With her newly found emotions all over the place, the human family she lived with, a low ranked angel who swore to protect her, a mark on her shoulder that is a beacon for the darkness that ruled the earth and her romantic feelings for the mysterious demon who helped her stay alive in exchange for his freedom, ten days suddenly felt like ten years. And with that came an epic battle for her soul as two ancient spirits came after her when the celestial world finds out that she is the weapon that can kill man and spirit's greatest enemy, Lucifer.

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Julia Nora
i want to read more, please keep updating :) by the way, is there any social media to discuss your story further?
2021-07-19 18:39:38
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dinnna lewis
2021-04-17 10:59:39
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whitney park
Okay. First I love how you explained Lucifer's character, It's amazing really. My fav is Michael, he's adorable lol.
2021-03-22 03:19:51
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gabby lesley
I want to see how this book ends soooo bad! Help I'm obsessed.
2021-03-22 03:16:06
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Ariana spencer
This book is phenomenal.
2021-03-22 03:13:07
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riri riri
I absolutely love this book, the way you explain the downfall of Lucifer is amazing, it's nice to see it from this point of view
2021-02-04 16:56:09
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PLEASE DO NOT SKIP Hi. Welcome. I hope I can give you the best book experience and I hope you guys will love the characters and the story just like I loved writing about it. I will write down below the ranks of angels that will be mentioned in this book and it is important to know them because if you don't, you may get confused later on. Most of the things you read here are from my imagination and if you are confused by anything, I would love it if you guys asked me about it and I will explain to the best of my abilities. I also wouldn't mind if you have constructive criticism about my book.   SERAPHIMS- Also known as the burning ones. They are the highest angelic class and are caretakers of God's throne constantly singing praises to God. They are described as fiery six-winged beings with two wings that cover their faces and two that cover their feet and the last two they use to fly. CHERUBIM- Cherubim are the second-highest angelic class. They h
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"Swing with precision".  A calm voice rang in the ears of Michael. He mirrored the command he received from his instructor, clanging his sword against his opponent's meticulously. His instructor's lip was graced with a small smile and he gave a nod, a form of approval.Michael's heart danced happily. His confidence so high, it reflected on his broad shoulders. His opponent having noticed how Michael's shoulders rose, the way he balanced himself on the ground, and how he swung his sword repeatedly on the air lost his footing in fear and aimlessly grabbed the air for support. Michael forgetting he was in a duel, immediately reached for his companion before his back kissed the ground. For a few seconds, he was pleased with himself until he heard a low growl of disapproval from behind him. He had made a mistake."So that, I suppose, is how you plan to save your enemy when you have been given a clear advantage over him". Michael's calm instructor spoke again. The latte
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Lucifer's legs landed softly at the front door of the mansion his loyal servant walked into, his wings flapping for a few seconds before retracting into his back. From the entrance, he spotted four angels apart from the female angel. A smile stretched out on his lips.The angels in the room were engaged in a conversation not noticing his presence, until the female angel whispered something to them and their gaze turned to the glorious cherub at the front door. They all stood immediately, bowing slightly before raising their heads to face him again. Lucifer walked into the room and shut the door; he then snapped his fingers creating a barrier over the room to prevent anyone from listening to what was spoken inside the room.He examined the angels before him carefully, taking in their appearance. The tallest among them stood at the far end of the room. He had some striking features on his face that made Lucifer believe he was an angel of high rank, a throne to be exact.
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Lucifer paced back and forth in his mansion. He had dispersed the angels long ago and now he was left with his disturbing thoughts. He alone knew that he had no proof. There was nothing to incriminate God with and it made him feel foolish. His mind flashed to Gadreel. The angel was of a high rank; therefore he had a lot of influence over the angels as well and enormous strength. He was going to be very beneficial, Lucifer could not lose him.The cherub was so deep in thought; he almost missed the soft voice that called for him.“Lucifer”. It said. Lucifer abruptly stopped his pacing. God was calling him. He closed his eyes, and sighed.“Lucifer”. The voice called again, this time clearer. His heart started to beat extremely fast. He had wanted to meet with him, hadn’t he? Why was he so scared then? Why was he so hesitant?He decided to resume his pacing, ignoring the voice. He needed to come up with something before he went t
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Gasps of shock filled the heavens as Lucifer came towards the city, the sword behind him.Lucifer saw the angels gather, murmuring among themselves and staring with awe, he would have been pleased that he got this many attention if he wasn't already irritated by his conversation earlier.When he arrived at the temple, the doors opened and he walked in. He moved to the middle of the temple where he intended to place the sword. The two seraphs that followed did not speak to him or pay any attention to him, instead they focused on the sword intently like it could develop legs and run on its own.As he crossed the middle, the sword stood in his former position. Once again, he admired it and all at once, many evil things crossed his mind against the maker."Lucifer". One of the seraphs called. He glared at the glowing male with the intent of scaring him but unlike the other angels he commanded, the angel did not care about his squeezed face."You must l
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Lucifer stared blankly at five pair of golden irises. He sat on a chair from across the angels with his arm crossed and he had a calm expression as he stared at them. The angels however, were very nervous. Occasionally, they will shift uncomfortably in their seats or their eyes would scan the whole room, anything that would make them not stare back at him. They all were wondering what was happening when they saw Lucifer accompanied by Seraphs and before they could reach any conclusion, Adriel had told them Lucifer wanted to speak to them. Now, they were here and for past five minutes all Lucifer had done was to stare at them intently.After what felt like another five minutes, Lucifer sighed and released his hands from its crossed position."Well, no one wants to ask me irritating questions today?" He said. His tone unnerved the angels. Lucifer was very hard to read, he hardly smiled and he always looked calm like he had nothing to worry about. But there was no mistake
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It had been over a week since their last meeting. Lucifer had been secretly training Gadreel and Azaliah for the tournament but other than that, he didn't call them for a meeting anymore. He went on his own to work on the plan that he had created. He couldn't fully trust them, they had doubted him before and that could be a problem for him if he let them do most of his work.Adriel was concerned. Not because she didn't think Lucifer couldn't take care of himself, but she thought he had called off the plot. She didn't really care about anything but him, she wanted to be close to him and this secret meetings of theirs made that possible. She had just finished a rigorous training with Gadreel and was sharpening her sword. She glanced occasionally at the door of his house, waiting for Lucifer to come out and look at her. he had only seen him in the big hall and she wasn't even concentrating when the angels snag to God.After a while, she sighed in defeat and got up from he
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Today was the day of the tournament. Every angel suspended all that they were doing to be a part of it either as a spectator or a competitor. Everyone was buzzing with excitement. There was hardly any tension in the air, at the end all the angels played for fun even if they lost. Another thing that brought joy to them was the addition of new angels to their various ranks. It was the best part of the event. The angels had gathered in the second largest hall outside of the city. The seats were covered with golden angels, some cheering, some speaking to each other. The ten contestants chosen by Lucifer however were in a separate room where they were allowed to get ready.Adriel was sitting on a bench, fixing her boots. Once in a while, she would glare at any angel who walked past her, attempting to assert her dominance. Even though it seemed petty, it worked on some of the angels because she was of high rank. Anytime her glare would have any effect, she will smirk and focus her
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The cheers of the crowd ushered the angels into the tournament. They had five tasks to complete and none of the angels knew what the tasks will be as they changed every year thanks to Lucifer. The first task was to forge a weapon from blue flames, the weapons had to be good and sharp. It would have been easy except that blue flames were harmful to angels so they had to endure pain to get through the task. Balls of fire appeared before each of them, and some immediately placed their hands into it. Adriel first put in her finger, the sting made her yelp in pain and she removed it quickly. Her eyes darted to Gadreel who was staring at Michael. The angel in question had already started to form his sword slowly. Adriel's eyes widened. Even in pain, Michael was able to create a large, sharp sword, he then ran to the next line waiting for the second quest. Adriel and Gadreel stared at each other in fright. Lucifer had only thought them how to fight with another person not how to deep their
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Nahamani stared at Lucifer stunned. She had noticed him from where she sat behind a guard at the top of the arena. She saw a clear smoke around him indicating that he had cloaked himself but she didn't understand why he did so and why only she could see him. She turned to Carshena, whose attention was drawn to the game."Where did  master Lucifer say he was again?" She asked."Up in the makers temple, he said he called him for private talk. You should know that, you were the one he told". She said without looking at her. Nahamani looked back at Lucifer, who was staring at the top three angels on the field. Her eyes followed his gaze. She knew there was something off with Adriel and Gadreel's behavior earlier. Was it that Lucifer put them there for a different reason other than the game?  When she looked up again, Lucifer had disappeared from his spot. She jumped up from her seat, ready to go after him."Where are you going?"Carshena asked."To s
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