Chapter - 46

Amoli's Pov.:-

" I have asked you something Amoli.. why did you divorce me .. " he again repeat his words when he saw me being a statue from the time he has asked me the reason of divorcing him .. he hold my both shoulders and squeezed them to pull me back in reality..

I slapped his hands away from me and step back ..

I am shivering in nervousness plus in anger but .. I took deep breaths with closed eyes and calmed my shivering nerves .

I opened my eyes to see him with my anger dripping eyes ..

How dare he to ask me this question ?

" Why are you asking this to me huh ?.. " I said with tight fist .. ready to punch him on his face ..

He gave me challenging look with frowned face ..

And tried to intimate me with his dark dominating eyes ..

" Don't you yourself knows the reason  .. ? .. " I said but he

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