The Cursed

The Cursed

By:  ACEKHEN  Ongoing
Language: English
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Love is an important part between a woman and a man. But this term made an excuse for self-interest. Eloise is just one of those who have the ability to see things that the normal eye cannot see. A ghost bothering her and asks for a help, resolving the mystery of death. Even though she wants to avoid paying attention, she doesn't keep quiet because her silence disturbed. She was forced to discover the thing that had long been hidden. But what she did not know was that it had to do with her family? She is endowed with a strange sight, but this will take her to the past. The past cursed because of love. How will she deal with the curse that surrounds her being? What is her step to finally get rid of the curse that surrounds her family?

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I didn't make it past the first chapter due to the horrible grammar and obvious lack of editing. Get an editor if you expect people to pay so much to read a book.
2022-06-22 05:48:45
17 Chapters
Chapter 1
Eloise thrown back on the bed and woke up in a dream.  She seemed to wake up in a real nightmare.  She immediately glanced at their small clock that hung in the perforated wall.It was 3am in the morning, and she woke up just because of a strange dream.  She was held in her chest and the feeling didn't subside.  But her eyes widened when she saw a woman wearing a dirty white dress.She just stared at it and tried to see the woman's face.  It was only then that she remembered the recent dream. She just turned her back on it and covered herself with a blanket.She wants to avoid giving to pay attention to the things she sees.  Likewise, she is also accustomed to visible souls, but she could hear a voice that seemed to linger into the depths of her hearing. "Help me... Help me! Take me up... I want to avoid being in this place ..."Eloise suddenly got up by what she heard over and over
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Chapter 2
When dusk came, their mother did not return home.  Eloise also could not leave Elena to find their mother.  She was worried, but she could do nothing. "Ely, where is Mom?"  Elena asked worriedly. "I also don't know, for now, let's just wait in case she come home even at night," Eloise replied with a shrug.What Eloise worries about is how their daily food is.  The contents of their pot were cold rice.  When their parents came home, they hadn't brought food for the whole month.Eloise doesn't know how they will live.  She could not leave her sister to find work.  Her stomach was churning and the food they had was small portion and just for one person only. She immediately checked her wallet to see if she still had money to buy an egg for her sister's dish.  But Eloise devastated to see that the wallet contained a few coins. Eloise sighed, she
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Chapter 3
Eloise cried out loudly as she fell into the ravine.  But she was wide awake when she felt the pain in her back and head from the fall. "Ouch ... Ouch ..." Eloise moaned loudly in pain as she fell to the ground.  She rubbed the back of her head.  Again a dream interrupts her silence.  But in the same situation and one soul.  She immediately got up and went back to bed.  She glanced at her sister who sleep soundly. Likewise, she closed her eyes again but opened them again when she heard the roar of the dogs.She glanced at the clock and felt it was late at night.  It was exactly twelve in the midnight.  She knew dogs could see lost souls.  Perhaps this is what dogs bark at.  At such times, the negative elements begin to circulate.She covered her ears to lessen the roar of the animal outside their hut. She thinks that the dogs were in their yard because of their close and
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Chapter 4
The sunset came again in the day of the sibling's life. The whole area is dark again and the insects are starting to come out at night. But for Eloise, it was an uplifting one to her, whenever night came, she knew it would never be able to rest properly in the whole night.Before she lay down, Eloise covered her ear canal with cotton so that she could avoid hearing strange noises every midnight. Her eyes closed, but she was unable to sleep. She couldn't stop herself from yawning, but her mind was awake.Cold air caressed her skin, Eloise fur also began to stand up as she felt the presence of the soul. She did not move and pretended to be asleep even though she could feel it.The door began to create a noise, uplifting feather because squeaking of the door. She gently bit her lower lip to prevent herself from moving so that she could avoid seeing the soul. But a deafening slammed on the door, and she forcibly gets her up. An
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Chapter 5
On the long journey, they reached the hut of the old lady doctor.  A doctor whose treated are those disturbed by the wild soul.  Their town is far from the city and the people here rely entirely on herbs or just pray because of poverty. The face of lady ghost possessed in Eloise mind.  Whatever, she's not paying attention to it but didn't disappear from her mind.  She could clearly describe to anyone the scary face, but she didn't even want to pay attention and couldn't get it out of her mind.  As they descended the motor, they could see the hut surrounded by the trees.  From there, an old woman descended the narrow staircase. Her hair white, long and hung down. Eloise's hand was cold when George touched her. She obviously nervous about what might she known, and there was also her eagerness to know the truth. "Relax, you'd better get treated right away before your situation
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Chapter 6
The wind blows strong and cold, she can feel the cold touches into her skin.  Eloise just hugged herself while looking into the distance.  Whether she wants to give up on life because the of old doctor said that she can't be quiet until she decides to help the lost soul who asks her for help. She took a deep breath, and she doesn’t know how to escape the curse that envelops her being.  But she finds it difficult to decide because she can't sacrifice even one of her families lives.  Gradually her tears flowed, she did not know how it could be free from the curse that her parents had created.  Eloise's eyes were swelling, and she did not understand why she lived to suffer the sins of others, and she became the substitute for the sins of her parents.  She feels her dream of living normally and quiet has died. Her eyes widened on a hammock in their yard.  It made a wooden seat and a lar
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Chapter 7
During those times Eloise's whole mind enveloped in an illusion that she could never avoid.  Her sight is what drives her to be possessed of a wild imagination. "Eloise, come over me. See where I am. See me so you can decide to help me ..."The voice echoed into her ear, reminding her to decide quickly.  Eloise’s world cycle seemed to stop at those times.  There are still things she wants to know from her parents before she even decides to help the soul.  She needed a deep reason to have her face the impending danger to her family. Even under posses her mind was able to think that she could tell the content of her will.  It’s an agreement in case everyone has clarity. “I am willing to offer you my life to help you, but you will promise that apart from me, you have no life to take,” she said bravely. Only herself, she can give in exchange for her h
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Chapter 8
Everything is not easier to makes things possible! Because God is in control. Believing is a way to be strong in any aspect of life. Life is precious, and we have no right to end our lives.  Only God can decide if we still need to live on earth.  Even if you try a hundred thousand if it is not time for you to leave this world, it would not happen. Each person has a mission assigned by God.  Any storm of trial will come into human life if it has not been given the blessing to rest.  All suffering has an equal abundance in the end.  All a person needs is trust and strong faith in God. Eloise did not expect that to happen to her impulsive decision.  Her remorse was so great that her sister even touched by the desire to keep them away from the curse she was carrying.She hugged her sister lying on the ground after she had saved her from death.  There, she realized that God had a reason.  And this
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Chapter 9
With each morning that comes there are different events that take place in human life.  Each morning that comes we don’t know things are going to happen.  The fact that we need to be ready before it's too late.Every morning there is a different situation form of dawn.  Occasionally, the clouds gather when the sun shines.  The sky creates different colors to signal the new morning that is coming.Just before dawn, George and Eloise woke up early for their trip to the city.  Before nightfall, George arranged everything they would need to leave as well as the person he had appointed to accompany Elena and their mentally challenged mother.Soon they need to know the origin of Eloise’s parents to begin to correct all their mistakes."Elena, take care of mom first. George and I will be back as soon as we get the document we want to know from the National statisti
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Chapter 10
We are the ones who understand people who are losing their sanity.  Our love of others are not tainted by any selfishness.  We just know right and wrong. Once again Eloise's endurance tested.  Her heart ached as she stared at their mother who was fainting from her screaming and crying.  She understands the suffering they are going through now.  According to her mother's story, the word that cursed them was in their family.  And that was because of her mother’s intense lust.She can no longer bring back the past, but she still has a chance to correct everything.  They will pay for the mistake made so that everyone will be calm as well.  But it was still playing on her mind whether the soul that came to her was the one whose mother had sinned. Everything is uncertain until she can trace the bone of the soul.  She hopes to see the scene in her vision again or a dream again.  It su
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