Black Rose

Black Rose

By:  Cosmo  Ongoing
Language: English
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“A black rose symbolises death and grief but new beginnings as well.” Rojean Cai has the most perfect life anyone could ever imagine. She has a stable job that pays her well, a fiance who loves her so much, and a family that will continue to support and care for her and she feels like life has just been really kind to her. Unbeknownst to her, when Krister Usoro approached her for a favour-- a favour in which she felt she couldn’t decline, her life had turned for the worse as it had never been. All hell breaks loose when the truth about a person she never thought she’d meet unveils, leaving her clinging to the thin thread of hope she has left.

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2021-08-14 15:58:59
8 Chapters
The Promotion
Chapter One: THE PROMOTION Rojean was feeling all sorts of emotions course through her at the moment and she wasn’t certain on what she should be feeling. But nonetheless, she packed up her things, putting them neatly in the box provided to her by the office she’s working at-- well, now the appropriate word would be ‘worked’ as she was being called to the higher ups for her promotion. She didn’t file for one, although confused, she was still glad to get one this early. Her mind hadn't processed what was happening at all and she didn’t seem to question the odds. Pulling out her phone from her front pocket, she texted her fiance, constantly updating him on the current situation, planning to eat out after it was all over.She put the phone away once she noticed one of her co-workers approaching her, a smile appeared on her lips. “
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Chapter Two: SIGHTING Later that night, Rojean dolled up to go to a place that was both a nightclub and a bar that everyone was talking about. She was old enough, for sure, especially if she was going to get married soon. But she was never the kind of person to go out on the weekends, to a club or even a bar and always preferred the comfort of their apartment which Lucas didn’t mind at all even when he wanted to go out. She was in a cream coloured off shoulder dress which stopped mid-thigh and hugged her curves beautifully.Lucas was nowhere near strict when it comes to whatever she chooses to dress, he, infact, likes to flaunt her all the time to wherever they were going or to people whom they were meeting. But he can get a little jealous at times though he knows his place very well.“Was that your boss?”
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Starting The Act
Chapter Three: STARTING THE ACT With the incident of that fateful night, Rojean had been in debate with herself for the past days, frantic and overly cautious about her surroundings if there really were people following them-- her specifically because she looked like a certain someone who she has not even met before, let alone knew about. It was too overwhelming for her but she finally reached a conclusion wherein she knew it will definitely affect their day to day living from that day forth. She didn’t want to worry Lucas more and it had been really hard for her to keep it from him but she thought it would be better that way.When she gathered her thoughts, even if they were jumbled up at the time being, she called Krister’s number as she was making sure that Lucas wasn’t near so he wouldn’t hear the conversation. When Krister
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Theo Valencia
Chapter Four: THEO VALENCIA “I’m a little terrified. That Theo guy has been texting me to meet and catch up with him. Does that mean Sei and him were close? What if he finds out I’m not Sei if I respond not like her at all?” Rojean asked Krister, anxiously scrolling through Sei and Theo’s messages. “What will he do to me?”Krister assured her with a smile. “Just try to respond how Sei would, what you think she’d reply to that would be.”‘Ok.’ That was the only thing that came to Rojean’s mind when she was asked to respond so though it might have been a little too late to change it up now as she already sent the message.“See? It’s not that hard, isn’t it? You just have to be a little
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Theo Meets Lucas
Chapter Five: THEO MEETS LUCAS “Do you think you can snoop around if they were really dating?” Rojean asked Krister once they got inside the car where she thought it’ll be safe to talk. “Because it’s really weird for me.”“What happened? Usually they take hours in the bar.” Krister was confused.“He’s flirting with me! I’m being cautious. What if they really weren’t dating!? He’s a rival of Sei’s, right? He started talking about his feelings and blah blah blah but I just feel different, you know? I just played it safe for now. He was overreacting, you told me to be cold to everyone. Help me next time when he comes around, I don’t want to be alone with him anymore. I don’t know their relationship and I have a fiance!” Rojean
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Laying Low
Chapter Six: LAYING LOW “I’m sorry… there are things I’m keeping from you.” Rojean said to Lucas when they got out of the car before sighing to herself. They were now walking to Lucas’ car so they could go home although Rojean seemed a little cautious of her surroundings if the others were really gone and were other people following her?Lucas could only look at her too before thinking of a question. “Who died? Why are you involved in this? Isn’t it a bit illegal? It feels illegal to me, babe.”“What did they ask you back there?” Rojean asked him first.The thing that she was anticipating from the start of doing the job was already being recognised now. She knew that she couldn’t last pretending to be someo
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Breach in Security
Chapter Seven: A BREACH IN SECURITY Rojean opened her eyes, her hands shielding them from the glare of the light from the window which curtains were opened. Her phone kept buzzing that caused her to wake up from her slumber. It didn’t bother her as she didn’t really have the time at the moment to go over any thought process but once she took a peek at her phone and Krister was constantly sending her messages, she sat up and breathed out. She realised that it was a quarter and a half past 7 and that it was too early to be dealing with Krister’s business but nevertheless she called him up to know what was going on.“Roj, I need your help. It’s urgent.” Krister sounded so panicked on the other line of phone call as he was rummaging through the file cabinets in his office. “Do you know any people I could contact when it comes to se
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The Proposition
Chapter Eight: A PROPOSITION Rojean, whilst resting on the couch with her feet up, told Krister about her plans of trying to make Lucas handle one of the businesses Sei held. It was two birds with one stone; she wanted to find out if Krister was trustworthy, if he was willing to comply to her plans so he couldn’t get overwhelmed with the amount of work he was currently doing and the fact that if he agrees with this plan, it meant to her that it wasn’t the money he’s really going after. That he really wanted justice for Sei’s death. He couldn’t possibly hog everything Sei worked so hard for but then again, Krister was smarter than what she gives him props for. She just felt the need to watch over Sei’s work but she really couldn’t possibly let Lucas get involved in this.For a few minutes, she waited for Krister’s reply be
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