Ashley's pov

I hear the clacking of her heels nearing and I couldn't prevent myself from lifting my head. Her eyes are a stormy blue. Rage. Rage poured in the depths of her eyes, eyes Blake seemed to like.

"You're boring." Her red lips curl into a sneer, the white pearly teeth now visible. I feel the invisible blow and stagger back as she advances.

"You're not even pretty." She continues, her eyes racking over my form in displeasure. Her blue eyes settle on my leggings and she snorts. "And for fuck sake you can't even dress right." She laughs but it's void of humor.

By now we were inches apart with me having to crane my neck to look at her. It was no secret that I was short. I blamed my mom for this stupid height. I always seemed to look like a little kid compared to everyone else. It's no wonder Blake doesn't see me as anything more than a friend.

"I don't get why he can't seem to leave you for just a second. What do you have t

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Donna Marie Poe
This is a really good book though does anybody have any idea where you can read it for free
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Donna Marie Poe
I like the story I hate this app it shouldn’t cost so much money to read a book 
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Want more. This chapter was so short

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