Hurting The Hottie

Hurting The Hottie

By:  Aider Kwin  Ongoing
Language: English
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A simple statement started it all. A sweet private life turned into a storm of chaos and confusion. She never meant to cross a line or catch his eye. Maybe she did want to catch his attention, but not the way she did. One statement ruined three years of Senior school. Is it just school memories about to go down the drain, or her whole teenage life?

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intruding blurb, can't wait to start reading!
2021-11-22 01:23:55
10 Chapters
"Listen, if there's one piece of advice I'd give you, it'd be that you should be careful. Especially of our class boys. Despite how good-looking and innocent they seem, they're players and dubious schemers. "I hear Johan whisper to the new girl. "Relax. Nothing like that will happen. None of these boys are my type. "The new girl replies and I raise my head to look at the beauty in a low cut who's sitting a little distance away.  That's nice. A woman with confidence. Interesting. *************Nicole's POV;I walk into the grand compound with my fingers gripping onto the straps of my bag firmly. My mom and I walk into the reception as it's my first day in this school and she needs to complete some paperwork before I can official become a member of it. I sit silently behind her as she fills the forms placed before her. Once she's done, she comes to sit beside me. As the admin takes the documents in, to return with
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1 -Dad's Coming Back!
Nicoles POV; It's been about three days I've spent in this new school. I've made friends. At least, the one I like the most is Johan, she's small, super cute, and very friendly. She helped me open up, and has been filling me in on how dubious the boys in our class are. She's a character. Also a bomb. We are both in art class as she makes the most boring subjects fun. She has a superpower of making teachers answer questions and tell stories, instead of giving notes, till their time is up. It's the end of my fourth day in school, and I'm on my way out of school. My house is a fancy distance away from school, and my mom isn't willing to pay a fortune to the school as a bus fee. She says the amount paid for my uniforms, book, and the rest is enough to make one's financially stand shaky. So, she's taken it upon herself to come to pick me up from school every day. Some people may be embarrassed if they were in my shoes, but I'm cool with it. My mom owns a f
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2 -Hellcome Back
I stare at my mother in awe and shock. She doesn't mean what she just said. Right? My father is coming to visit. My father! Why...How on earth will she allow that? Is she trying out dark humor here? Or what? "M... Ma? "My elder sister questions, once she can stop coughing. "Mommy, are you serious? "I question, and my mother drops her fork, clenched her fists on the table, and shuts her eyes. "Yes. I'm serious. Your father will be arriving here early tomorrow morning. You better be on your best behavior. "She replies and my jaw drops as I know she isn't joking. "If you love me, you'd behave well before your father. "She adds and I just stare blankly at her. Not knowing what to say or think. My father left us four years ago when I was 11, and unlike some kids, I wasn't sad about it, I was happy. We all were. I was just eleven years old, yet I know he was a good for nothing a**hole. Now out of the blue, he is coming to visit and mother is allowin
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3 -Stage Fright
Nicoles  POV;I get to school feeling a bit off and annoyed by what happened at home this morning.  I can't believe this is happening."Hey, biggie!  "Johans voice calls in her usual high spirit."I told you to stop calling me that. "I reply. She calls me biggie in reference to my butt. At first, it was funny,  but now it's kinda offensive. Sure I know I have a big butt, but when I was coming here, I didn't expect it to be the second biggest on the whole of senior school. My senior Deborah has the biggest butt of all the female students. That girl is built like a woman.I know it's a very awkward topic to discuss, but it becomes a normal thing if you're an endowed girl in an African setting."Sorry. "Johan apologizes as she takes a seat beside me."So, have you figured the club you want to join? "She questions and I stare blankly at her.  I hadn't though
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4 -Stormy Clouds
Nicole's POV;I proceed towards them and,"And to think you are the competition my group was meant to go up against. Little wonder one wanted to pair with you. Why don't you go join the school's book club? Dancing isn't for cowards.You're such a horrible dancer. You've ruined the whole event for everyone. "I hear Mason say, and the pained look on Johan's face hurts me."That's not nice! "I comment. Drawing their attention. Johan looks up at me with tears in her eyes, and Mason stares at me with a bored, and blank expression."Johan will do her dance, and she'd beat you in the competition. "I add, and Johan's eyes widen.Mason scoffs. "Yeah, right. "He says before walking back into the hall with the two boys beside him."What have you done? "Johan questions me, and my brows furrow."I stood up for you. "I reply in confusion, and she exhales."I can't beat Mason. He's a dance god, you've gone and embarrassed us both
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5 - Stop!!
Nicoles POV;It's another day in Royal Prep, and the buzz of mine and Johan's performance yesterday hasn't cleared out of the air. I'm walking into the compound, and Johan runs over to me."Good morning, Nicole! "She greets with a smile revealing her perfect dentition."Good morning. "I reply, and she falls silent. I turn to her and find she's walking beside me, with a huge smile plastered on her face."You seem very happy today. "I note and she chuckles."We are the trending topic in school right now. "She says, as we walk to the school's snack corner."I can see that. "I reply as eyes follow us as we walk past."Please give me a bottle of Mirinda and a sausage roll. "I tell the lady sitting behind the little window in the wall, at the snack corner. She nods, and I place a two hundred naira note on the counter. She takes it and gives me my order, in a black Polly bag."Thank you. "I reply before shoving it into my bag. I'm pre
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6 -Wink
Nicole's POV;"Nicole! "Johan calls in a harsh whisper, but I ignore her. I'm not gonna stand for this. I won't stand here and watch them display such cruelty to someone's child."What do you think you're doing!? "I scream at the boys, and Mason takes a step so he can view me properly. He stares at me for a few seconds and then faces the boy about to shot the ball. He signals him to continue, and I am thrown aback."If you shot that ball, getting expelled would be the smallest of your problems. "I warn the boy, and he freezes with his leg in the air, ready to kick the ball.I don't know how exactly I'm going to go about this threat, but I do know how to look intimidating, and if I really want something, my mom and sister are enough to get it for me.I watch him drop his leg down, and Mason smirks at me. He flys his shirt up and his singlet comes into view. More like a daring, nonchalant act.He pushes the boy before the ball away and stands be
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7 -Detention!
Nicole's POV;"Who's bag is this!? "The headmaster screams." Sir, it's my bag, but the phone is not mine. "I reply audibly, and he turns to me. Johan turns to me like I'm about to be sentenced to death."Oh, so the phone walked into your bag? "He questions more like he's stating, and I just stare at him as I don't know what to say or do." Come here. "He orders and I inhale before walking over to the black man I'm slowly beginning to grow a sour spot in my stomach for."You're a new student, right? "He questions, and I nod."Yes, sir. ""That explains it. You clearly don't know me, nor how things work around here. "He says, and I stare at the ground." Why did you bring a phone to school? Don't you know it's against the rules!? "He screams, and I shut my eyes. I hate being yelled at. Especially when I'm not at fault." Sir, it's not my phone. I swear! "I reply looking up at him, and he glares at me.I don't like
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8 -On Purpose
Nicole's POV;I get home feeling down and exhausted. It was a long day in school today, at least I was allowed to go to class a few minutes after break time.I get down from the Uber I ordered home. I waited an hour for my mom, but she didn't show. After my dad got here, things toppled downhill. Everything seems wrong, and dark clouds are above us again.I look up and find him sitting on our porch. I walk up to the front dor,"Good afternoon, sir. "I greet him without making eye contact. I make to enter the house without waiting to hear his reply, but just as I open the door, his words stop me."Won't you sit awhile with me? "He questions and I look up at him. In spite. Memories of things he did to my mother, and the type of father he was and is, flood my memory, and I walk into the house with no words, after digging daggers into him with my eyes.For one, I've had a stressful day. Second, my life was quite okay without him in it. He j
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9 - What's Wrong With Annabelle?
"Huh? What do you mean he got into detention on purpose? " I question in disbelief. "Don't shout! Believe me, I'm serious" She whispers back harshly. "The both of you, shut up! Unless you want to continue this class for us. " The teacher says to us from the front of the class, and Johan and I remain mute for the rest of the class. I remain quiet for the rest of the class and try my possible best to pay attention to the teacher, but it's of no use. I keep wondering why the same person who got me in trouble would want to serve the same punishment they got me serving.The teacher steps out of the class, and we are left with the last class of the day. On the timetable, it says ' Reading Period '. During this time, we're meant to read books of our choice, and not make noise. But in my class, we use this as a gossip session. "You were saying? "I question Johan, and she raises a brow in confusion."About Mason. "I reply, and she lets her head roll back as she remembers."Oh... Yeah, You
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