Ch. 3 : I Am A Delphia

When we finally arrived at the Palace we were quickly escorted to the Queeness Palace, a Palace maid guiding us to our private rooms on different wings. Rosanna was verbally grateful to be living away from me as she followed her Maid to the north wing. While I smiled and silently followed my guide into the south wing. Ivy and Arden walked with me, wanting to see where my rooms were before settling into their own. Gratefully, my rooms were the last ones at the very end of the south wing, with large wooden doors that were adorned with intricate designs.

Once those doors opened I was stunned silent, walking into the greeting room first. It was a large space, about the size of my room back in the Du Pleasant estate. It held a fireplace, dozens of bookshelves, a dining table with accompanying seats and three loveseats in the middle of the room. It was all warm and welcoming, with flowers and small paintings decorating it and long flowing curtains partially covering the windows. To the very far left were another set of double doors just as ornate as the ones we’d just walked through. These revealed my now sleeping quarters… and it was incredible.

It was twice the size of the greeting room, with much larger furniture all around it. The first thing I locked eyes on was the massive bed with posts that climbed up into the ceiling. Thin, grey and sheer curtains were pinned back by white ribbons. And just a short way distance from the bed was a glass door that led onto a terrace that looked covered in flowers. A desk was pushed up against a window further down that same wall, along with some more bookshelves and a small corner reading area. More loveseats were arranged in the center of the room and twin wardrobes took up the last back corner of the room, along with a beautifully painted divider that I could get dressed behind.

The Palace maid smiled as she pointed out a hidden small door behind that divider, explaining that my small bathroom was in there and that it was fully stocked with everything I’d need. She then informed me of when the Queeness Greeting would happen, as well as when dinner would be served. She then turned to my brother and asked him to follow her so he could see where his sleeping quarters were. After urging my dear brother to follow her, he and the Palace maid walked out, Ivy soon chasing after them since she needed to change into her maid's uniform.

“Alone at last.” I muttered, taking a seat on the edge of the incredibly soft bed.

I looked around this new room and felt a strange sense of peace, knowing that the Duchess, my older half brothers and the Duke himself couldn’t just waltz in and demand things of me anymore. I didn’t have to keep acting like the perfect little daughter that did as she was told. I didn’t have to pretend to be a Du Pleasant. I could reveal who I truly am, and what family I truly came from.

Ivy came back after a short while, dressed in a similar uniform that the Palace maid had on. The only difference was that she didn’t have the Royal family’s gold crest pinned to her collar or embroidered on her skirt. She helped me remove my traveling outfit and prepared a bath for me while I went through my gowns. I pulled out the black and purple dress that the Duchess had gotten me, smiling as I looked at it. She no doubt believed that these dark colors would clash with the golden hair and pale blue eyes that I was parading around with. She probably never thought that I’d remove her little charm and show everyone what I really look like.

“That dress will look beautifully with your dark hair My Lady.” Ivy commented as she scrubbed my hair in the bath. “And the hints of purple on it will make your unique eyes glow marvelously.”

“Thank you Ivy.” I smiled as I thought of it, wondering if the Duchess had picked those colors as a way to mock me, believing that I’d feel hurt at not being my true self.

After the bath I was dressed in the gown and slipped into matching shoes. Ivy combed and styled my hair, weaving a deep purple ribbon through it and pinning it against the nape of my neck in a styled knot. I looked at my reflection then, fighting the urge to rip off the damned charm on my wrist and seeing the real me. But I resisted, knowing that I would feel the biggest sense of gratification if I revealed myself in front of Rosanna and all the other guests.

“My Lady?” A Palace maid knocked on my bedroom door, smiling as she bowed at me before motioning with her hands. “The other Ladies have gathered and are awaiting your company to begin making their way to the central Palace.”

I nodded, thanking her and turning to Ivy who was beaming with excitement. I couldn’t help but laugh a little, seeing her eagerness shine in her eyes as we followed the maid back out. On our way to the main waiting room we ran into the twelve Guards that had all been given dark grey uniforms to separate them from the Royal knights. My brother quickly spotted me, smiling as he joined us as we all entered the waiting room. Our little trio stood apart from everyone else, avoiding them all as Rosanna did what she did best: Make herself the center of attention.

“I feel so dreadfully embarrassed to have been brought here along with my sister.” She started, pouting as all the other Ladies turned to look at her. “Having to compete with her is such a shame…. But at least we’ll all know who will get eliminated first.”

The other ladies laughed with her, smiling as some glanced in my direction. Of course she was using the common rumors that she and her mother spread about me. Pinning me as the dim-witted, clumsy and ill-mannered daughter that was never allowed out of the estate. I was labeled as a woman without honor, dignity or self-respect, and they used what had happened to me two years ago as proof of it all.

But this time I refused to bow my head as they all talked about me. I kept my head up high as their stares bore into my skin. And I most definitely kept my gaze as far away from Sir kaliden as I could. My brother, of course, did the opposite, glaring down at our sister’s chosen Guard with so much hatred that I was surprised he didn’t just burst into flames then and there.

“It’s such a shame to have a sister like her stain the Du Pleasant name.” Rosanna continued, sneering as she turned to look at me.

But before she could say another word, I smiled back, stepping away from the wall I had been holding up and slowly joining the group.

“It would truly be a shame.” I said loudly, forcing them all to look at me. “But of course, I’m not a Du Pleasant, and you never treated me like one.” All the other Noble Ladies’ eyes widened as I spoke, clearly stunned that I’d say anything at all. “And I won’t go on pretending to be a part of your wretched family anymore.”

I grabbed at the little charm on my wrist and closed my eyes for a moment, pulling harshly and hearing the faint snap of the chain breaking. I could hear gasps and faint murmurs begin before I opened my eyes again, seeing the shock on everyone's face grow even more once I showed them my deep amethyst eyes.

“I am Amara Delphia, daughter of the Grand Knight Diana Delphia of the Order of the Violet Wolves.” I turned and smiled, seeing my brother reveal himself as well, linking my arm through his as I continued. “And this is my twin brother Arden Delphia.” I leveled my cold gaze on the pale Rosanna, smiling while everyone else’s shock climbed even more. “We hold no ties and no loyalties to the Du Pleasant family who smeared our mother’s name before her death, and we never will.”

I turned and made my way to the doors just as a few maids opened them and began to ask us all to follow them. As I walked away from everyone I caught sight of HIM standing at the edge of the crowd. His jade eyes were wide as they looked at me and his greyish brown hair was combed back in a way I knew he hated. He still looked the same as he did the last time I saw him. Still toned and lean, with a calm and alert presence that made any room feel just a little safer and warmer. The sight of him sent a sharp pang through my chest, and I had to bite my lip to keep from showing any emotions as I made my way out of the room.

I was hoping to lead the way into the central Palace since everyone else was still stunned by my big reveal. But sadly my dear sister had other plans. She raced up to the front of the group and pulled me aside just as we made it inside the large building. My brother and Ivy wanted to follow us, but I shook my head, motioning for them to keep going with the others as Rosanna pulled me down a small hallway and behind a large pillar.

“You pathetic, narrow minded attention whore!” She shouted, her hands clutching the sides of her pretty white and soft blue dress. “What is wrong with you! Once mother hears about this you’ll be whipped until your back is nothing more than a mound of blood and red flesh!” She stepped closer to me as she screamed, her face turning pink while I kept a calm and level expression. “How dare you insult MY family name and act like some kind of victim!” She grabbed my arm with one hand and started digging her nails into my flesh, making me flinch slightly. “You are the one that should’ve never been born! You are nothing but a tool, a puppet for my amusement!”

“Not anymore.” I said softly, watching as shock registered on her face again. “I will never be your little scapegoat again. I will be my own person now, one without any ties to your worthless, thieving family.” I leaned in closer to her, making her take a step back. “I am a Delphia, and I say to hell with anything that ties me to your family.”

“You little bitch!” She raised her free hand then, preparing to slap me with those large rings on her fingers.

I closed my eyes and sucked in a deep breath, waiting for the impact to sting and spread across my head. But a deep male voice cut into the small seconds of silence, startling me.


I opened my eyes again and turned towards the sound, feeling my eyes widen as a man with two Knights following him stepped into view. He was dressed in a dark grey formal uniform that shined with different medals on his chest. Gold trimmings accentuated his large frame and helped call attention to the deep red cape that was pinned to his shoulders. He had the deepest back hair I had ever seen, with a few long locks falling over his forehead. His eyes were the most unique thing about him though, they were a deep red color that reminded me of roses. Those very eyes were narrowed as he looked at us, his lips held in a thin frown that was slowly growing more bitter.

“Your Majesty.” Rosanna croaked out, quickly releasing me and stepping away so she could bow.

I shook myself of my shock too, stunned to run into the Crown Prince like this and bowing along with her as he stopped a few feet away. Once I straightened up I realized that he was staring down at Rosanna with so much disappointment. She cowered and started to sniffle when she looked up at him, her pink face now going pale.

“What is the meaning of this Lady Du Pleasant?” He asked, his red eyes becoming distant and cold as he searched her face.

“I-It wasn’t w-what it looked like Your Majesty!” She clutched her chest and took a small step towards him, her lower lip quivering as her eyes started to fill with tears. “It’s just that she insulted my family, and I just couldn’t take it!” She jammed a finger at me, turning to glare for a moment before returning her focus to him. “She’s nothing but a liar and the daughter of a common whore, she shouldn’t even be here!”

His Majesty sighed heavily, turning to look at me with his penetrating gaze. I felt strangely exposed while he looked me over, and I had to fight the urge to look away from him too. But when he suddenly took a step towards me and reached out I nearly fell back, trying to avoid his touch. His eyes widened when I did that, and a fleeting look of worry crossed his eyes as I looked away, casting my gaze to the ground.

“You’re bleeding.” He said softly, making me remember that Rosanna had dug her nails into my arm.

I turned to look and frowned, seeing the thin streaks of blood going down my arm from the crescent shaped cuts. Raising my arm I looked to see if I had stained my dress, sighing when I spotted nothing on it.

“Let’s get you taken care of.” He continued, motioning for one of his Knights while he turned to Rosanna. “I’ll be waiting for a truthful explanation later Lady Du Pleasant.”

I shook my head as he spoke, backing away even more from his Knight who looked at me pleadingly.

“There’s no need Your Majesty.” I told him, making look back at me as his Knight stepped back, unsure of what to do. “I‘m fine.”

He was about to protest and maybe even demand that I get treated, but I silenced him quickly. Raising my opposite hand and relaxing my muscles, calling onto the dull warmth within my chest. Shyly, I glanced at the Knights and Crown Prince as a small ball of flames danced over my open palm.

This was something else that the Du Pleasant family tried very hard to keep hidden, because I was not only born a Non-Shifter, but I was also gifted, just like my mother. Most Non-Shifters are born with a small ability that helps replace the emptiness of not having their animal form. But I had one of the much bigger abilities that was what had made the Delphia family famous as Knights. I was able to conjure and control fire, manipulating it in any way I wanted and even using it to heal. But the big thing that made my burning core special was that when I conjured up the flames they were always a unique violet color with a deep blue center.

I now used this little burning ball of purple to heal my cuts, cupping my arm with my flame covered hand. I closed my eyes as the warmth spread throughout my arm, letting me know that I was all healed and no longer bleeding. The Knights gasped when I removed my hand, shaking it once to extinguish the flames. Rosanna was glaring at me with tear stained eyes and her hands were balled up against her dress. His Majesty also looked pretty stunned, with his deep red eyes bouncing between my healed arm and my eyes.

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