Ch. 49 : His Queen, My King

The flutters and kicks of my little baby increased as the day of our wedding came closer and closer. And Dorian would constantly stop what he was doing to place his hands over my round stomach, smiling when he’d feel our baby kicking against him. His mother had to kick him out of the office a few times so that I could focus on my lessons, making me laugh when he would pout as he walked away.

On the morning of the big day, Ivy and Morina woke me up and helped me get ready. They prepared my bath and poured oils and flower petals into the water while other maids pulled out the dress and all the adornments that were going along with it. I was massaged, wrapped in silk and sprayed with perfumes. I was made to lay in bed with a mask of herbs and flowers on my face and forced to sit still for hours while my hair was treated and combed. A light coating of make-up was placed on me while my nails were polished and

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Bella Jersey
Where did Dalca come from?
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Bella Jersey
Vows for the Amara to him and the people before her. His put them before him

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