The trio, Moonbeam watched, glared at him as if he had suddenly sprouted horns.

“You re sorry?” Zayed was the first to respond, anger overshadowing the hurt in his voice.

“The fuck you mean by you are sorry?” Malik followed, his fingers clenched.

“Sorry?” Latifah’s voice was low but menacing.

“I’m sorry,” he raised his feeble hands and dropped them. “I’m sorry I did all those bad things to you. I’m sorry I never loved you three in the way that you wanted me to.”

Zayed wanted to jump to stand but Moonbeam held his hand tight, restraining him.  She leaned her head on his shoulder, telling him that she was beside him- she was here.

“Sorry that you did not treat us the way we wanted? How about the way a father is supposed to treat his children?!”

“I t

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