Chapter 9


I breathed in.

Then out.



It seemed to be getting harder to do it as I knew that almost everyone was glaring daggers at me, even though I had technically done nothing other than defend myself against Nina who was raging fires on me.

Nina was furious as she watched me walk out of camp, having technically nothing on me but the dagger which Ashton had gotten me, Ashton carrying Mathew who was squirming to get out of his arms to run to mine, her eyes glaring daggers at me as I walked, and had it not been for the wolves standing in front of her, I’m sure she would’ve been having her way with me, that is of course if the prince didn’t have her life before she did, which was not likely as she wouldn’t have been dumb enough to attack me in front of him as not to risk losing her life, but she would’ve definitely attacked.

We reached the prince who was indeed standing at the edge of camp waiti

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