Chapter 10


I smiled as I looked at my mate who was watching the streets as the carriage moved around the kingdom, crossing the bridges, noticing a faint glow under her long-sleeved black dress, the sleeve concealing the mark, however the glow made it visible, though I was sure that she was yet to notice it.

Being sure that by now she did not know what the mark was or who she really was or what she was capable of, otherwise she would’ve been able to stop Nina a lot more easily than fighting her physically the way they were, the blood on her collarbone seeming to have dried making me frown in confusion as all the other cuts were new and somewhat still bleeding, the cut on her collarbone seemed to be older than the others were, the clot already formed on it stopping the blood from pouring out.

“When did you get the cut on your collarbone?” I asked her, she was looking out the window, seeming in daze before she snapped out of whatever she was thinking

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