Chapter 117


“Nathan, that is enough” I told my mate, it had been a month with Mason here, he’s been locked up in this house. Which now had blood on literally all its walls. Nathan had made sure to make him suffer, he made him cry for days, begging to end his life, but my mate wouldn’t allow it. He would heal him, he would let the pack doctors treat him, he’d force him to eat, then he’d repeat the process all over again.

“Kiara, I told you do not interfere” Nathan said looking at me, I was stopping him from entering the house, the man had suffered enough, whatever he had committed, he was punished for it. I knew that Nathan was still determined in making him suffer, but I didn’t like this. This wasn’t my mate.

“No, you are not going to enter that house Nathan, that is enough. Mason took his punishment, you have caused him enough pain, just stop” I said looking my mate in the eye. His eyes widened

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