Chapter 3

Years passed and the children grew. No one ever came forward to claim Shannon, so Kendra and Damien raised her with their children, Austin and Sandy. They grew up very close as siblings even though Austin was older than the two girls, he was very protective of them and loved them.

When Austin turned eighteen alpha Damien and Luna Kendra decided to step down giving the alpha position to their son Austin. The alpha stayed for two years in the pack monitoring Austin and making sure that he had all the support he needed in his first years as alpha. After the two years passed, they decided to travel the world and enjoy their lives leaving the children behind.

Sandy shifted when she turned eighteen but Shannon did not, Sandy had her wolf and started talking to her after she shifted. Shannon however never shifted and had no wolf. She was a human in a Lycan world but she was never treated differently as she was the alpha’s daughter, so she never felt any different from her friends or anyone in the pack.

She trained like the others and did all that her friends did in the pack but the only thing she could not do was shift. After a year of travelling news of alpha, Damien and Luna Kendra's death reached Austin. He was in his office when his phone rang when he picked up he was told about his parent's death.

He was told that they went hunting and were killed by humans who thought that they were a danger to them. Those were not just humans that killed them but hunters, Austin was angry but kept his cool and comforted his sister. Two days later their bodies arrived at the pack and they were given a dignified funeral fit for alpha and Luna.

After that Austin was consumed with grief to a point that Shan being human bothered him, he had no one to blame but her kind, they were responsible for what had happened to his parents. He started by being rude to her in front of everyone then he moved to insulting and calling her a pathetic human.

His words hurt Shannon but she never responded to him, she thought that his anger was due to his parents' death, but when years passed and his attitude didn’t change she knew that there was more to it than she first thought. His bad treatment of her got worse that he even influenced Sandy to act the same way towards Shannon.

 Now Shannon for the first time felt that she did not belong, she felt that she was an orphan because Austin never failed to remind her of that, and the pack also started mistreating her and he allowed it. That is how she became a slave. ‘Get here now!’ he sent a message to her since she did not have her wolf, he could not mind link her so, he got her a phone that he used when he wanted her.

Shan got the message while she was busy in the laundry room doing his laundry, she wiped her hands with a towel and ran to the alpha’s office. After climbing the stairs, she stopped for a moment to catch her breath before going to knock on his office door. “Come in,” he yelled from the other side.

She took a deep breath then opened the door with her head lowered, she closed it behind her then walked until she got close to his desk then kneeled with her head bowed. This is what he wanted her to do every time she came into his office; she was not allowed to look at him in the eyes and was not allowed to sit on his couch.

She had to kneel in front of his desk as he addressed her. “I have a meeting at Crescent Moon pack, we will be there for two days, here is my card, go shopping and make sure that you buy presentable clothes for when we are there. Do your hair as well while you are at it, it looks disgusting.” He told her looking at her in disgust with his nose wrinkled.

She shuddered at his comment and wondered. ‘It’s been years now, why am I not used to his cruel comments yet? Why does my heartbreak every time he says something nasty and cruel to me?’ she had no idea as well as to why she felt this way, for someone who has been his slave for years, she should have been used to the ill-treatment she was getting from him.

“Did you hear what I just said!” he asked with his voice a bit on the loud side making her jump. ‘Oh God, I was in my head again and I didn’t hear what he said, what did he say besides telling me to go shopping and do my hair? Oh Lord’ she wondered as she tried to think of what he might have said after that. “Yes, alpha I heard.” She answered then crossed fingers that he does not ask her to repeat what he said like he always does.

“What did I say?” she cursed the Moon Goddess internally when he asked, why did she even think that her prayers will be heard when they have never been all these years, the Moon Goddess did not like her she believed, or was it because she is human and not a werewolf? But God has never answered any of her prayers as well, which was frustrating.

She even thought of worshipping the devil thinking that maybe he will answer and grant her wishes. But she never got the time to do the research to go about it. “You said that you have a meeting at Crescent Moon pack that will last two days, you also said that I must go shopping and buy presentable clothes for when we are there. Then you told me to do my hair as well.” She repeated what she heard.

He was quiet for a moment before he chuckled. “You humans are useless; I don’t even know why my parents kept such a useless thing. I also said that when you come back you must pack my things as well and we will leave when I come back from the alpha’s meeting in our neighboring pack. I was going take you with me like I always do but you have to sort yourself out.”

He told her and she nodded as she listened to every word he said attentively, without missing one because he was not going to let it slide this time if she did. “Remember, when you are done, send me a message and inform me then come straight back home. I am clear?” he asked her, and she wondered when she was going to get the time to wander around when he always sends her with a warrior whenever he could not be around to do so himself.

“Yes, alpha.” She agreed. “You are going with Sandy, she needs a few things as well but doesn’t worry she had her own money and since you take care of everything concerning me, buy me some stuff as well that you know I will need.” He told her and her eyes popped. Now she was grateful he did not let her look at him when they spoke, or he would have seen her reaction and would have been pissed.

What made her eyes come out of her sockets was the fact that he never asked her to buy him anything, yes, she was responsible for everything concerning him as a slave would be for her master, but she has never bought stuff for him. She knew his state, yes, but she felt like this was another way of punishing her because if she bought something, he did not like she will be punished.

But she opened her mouth and agreed anyway. “I will do as you say alpha.” She answered him, now her mind was going wild thinking about what she will buy him if she does not buy him anything would he be angry? she did not know but she was not willing to take that chance, Austin has become very cruel to her over the years and his punishments are always painful.

While still kneeling there thinking she felt a sting on the top of her head, and she jumped with her hand flying to the spot as pain shot through her head. It was moist when her fingers touched there, and she knew that it was blood. She looked at the object that hit her and saw that it was a stapler. The big one that is always on his desk.

“Maybe that will teach you to stop being in your fucking head when I am talking to you!!” he roared with anger visible in each word he said. She wondered what it is he said that she missed this time, but did not dare to ask, she lowered her head and clenched her fists with her nails digging on her palms. She was distracting herself from feeling the pain on her head by the pain she was inflicting on her hands.

“Am sorry alpha.” She apologized to him, she just wanted him to dismiss her now so that she can go and take some pain pills because the pain on her head was making her dizzy. “You may leave.” He told her, “Thank you alpha.” She took deep breaths trying to get rid of the dizzy spells she was feeling. She stood up slowly then took small, calculated steps to the door.

She could feel his eyes on her back, but she did not dare looked back and hoped that he will let her leave now so that she can get a glass of water and pain pills.

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Jane Walker
I bet he knows she’s his mate and resents her for it being “human” and that’s why his treatment hurts. His parents would be so ashamed! I hope she rejects him if he is her mate and finds a 2nd chance mate. Dying to see how everything comes to light! Very entertaining story.
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Bella Jersey
Bullies are the one evilest monster on this planet
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
And he is a BULLY if he’s gonna become her mate I’m gonna plot his death

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