Chapter 8


Austin came into the car then started it and we drove off, I kept quiet and looked out the window. The trees looked like they were moving back as we drove forward, I wished that I was like those tress, moving back to a place I was once happy, I place where I was not a slave and Austin was my brother.

‘Goddess, is it because I am human? Is that why you don’t answer my prayers? Because you are a Goddess of the supernatural not humans?’ I asked the Moon Goddess, I was not expecting an answer because she never answers me. Let me try God one last time, he is the God humans worship so, he should be helping me because i am human too.

‘Dear God, it is I, Shannon, your child I believe, well I am not sure but please help me out. I don’t want much, I just want for my brother to stop hating me so much, I don’t want to leave the pack because this the only home I know. I just want things to go back to normal.’ I sighed after saying that prayer, this is the last time I am praying to either of them, am done now.

“Your birthday is next week.” My eyes popped, he has never cared about my birthday, just last year when I turned twenty, he acted like he did not remember, Sandy gave me a card written go to your kind, while everyone else acted like they did not even remember and that includes him.

‘Goddess, are the one doing this? Because I know that the brother I know now doesn’t care.’

“Yes, it is alpha.” I answered bitterly, the lump on my throat grew as the silence filled the car, why is he asking me that now, does he want to give me more chores so that my day passes without me even realizing that is was there? “What would you like?” the devil must be the one at work here because I don’t believe the Goddess would answer this quickly.

“Nothing, alpha.” I don’t want anything from him, everything I have now I got because I worked for it, what will I have to do for whatever it is that I would ask for? “Come on Shan, you will be turning twenty-one, you must have something you want.” Now I believe that Austin is bipolar, this man wanted to murder me not so long ago for someone I just met and now he wants to get me something for my birthday?

What’s the catch?

“I really don’t want anything.” He holds the steering wheel so hard that his knuckles turned white, he is angry I can see from the way he is clenching his jaw. Sigh, see, I told you that he is bipolar because there is no way a normal person would have mood swings like this. “Do you always have to piss me off or is your boyfriend doing something for you?” now I don’t know what to say to this.

I meet someone once and now he is my boyfriend. Then he might as well take me with because I am tired. “Lucas is nothing to me alpha, as I said, we only met today and nothing happened between us.” This is the last time I will be explaining myself about this and if he asks again, I will keep my mouth shut and wait for my punishment.

“Nothing happened besides being cosy together.” He commented and I kept my mouth shut. Its not my problem if he doesn’t believe me, what matters is that I told him the truth and it up to him if he wants to believe it or not. Also, he has been acting funny these days, asking me to look at him, what is that?

was he not the one who did not want me looking at him saying that I disgust him? Now he wants me to look at him, am really tired and I wish I was with mom and dad when those people killed them. At least I would have been at peace by now and I wouldn’t have to deal with the likes of Austin.

The rest of the drive to the pack is spent in silence and I am more than happy. I have nothing to say to him now, I still have to be the best slave when I get there and have those unmated alpha’s trying to make a deal with Austin to have me for the night. Sigh, I guess I must thank him for never agreeing to that but they never stop and I am afraid that one day he will just give in and agree.

I don’t want to imagine what that day would be like, for now that it has not happen I will keep thanking whoever is out there looking out for me. When we get to the pack we are welcomed and shown to our rooms. Of course, I am sharing with Austin, a slave shares a room with the master and sleeps on the floor so that he or she can be able to take care of his alpha’s needs whenever he needs them to. They must even think that I am sleeping with Austin, maybe that is the reason why they keeping asking him for a night with me.

After packing I had nothing to do while Austin was standing at the balcony on a call. A knock sounded on the door and I went to open. “Slave, tell your alpha to meet the others in the dining hall for dinner in five minutes.” I hate this guy, he is only a messenger in this pack but he thinks that he is better than me and always calls me a slave.

I give him a polite smile though and nod. I don’t want to embarrass my alpha or the repeat of the Golden Moon will happen. Well, a few months back we went to Golden Moon pack, the alpha there was hosting a birthday for his daughter and invited Austin and other unmated alpha’s. The alpha’s daughter called me a slave and I told her that was not my name and that my name was Shannon. I wouldn't have answered her but it was that time of the month and I was moody with my hormones all over the place.

She made a fuss about it and went to report to both Austin and her father. The Golden Moon alpha ordered his warrior to whip me fifty times and by the time they finished I had passed out. I woke up three days later back at the pack with Aunt Nancy taking care of me, but that was not enough, when Austin heard that I had woken up, he ordered me to return to work and even gave me extra work to do.

After a month of doing the extra work and only getting four hours of sleep he reduced my workload and told me never to disrespect him again. After that, I just smile at jerks like this one and swallow my pride. They say a slave doesn’t have a pride, so what right did I have to think that I still had mine.

“Who was that?” I jumped a little startled by the sound of his voice. “A messenger, he says that everyone is meeting in the dinning hall in five minutes for dinner.” I repeated what I was told. “Alright, you have two minutes to change then we can go.” He tells me and I don’t wait for him to tell me twice. For as long as we are here I will be on my best behaviour.

When I was done we walked together to the dining hall, my job when I get there is to dish for him, then stand right behind him with one hand on his shoulder as he eats and converse with the others. I have to be quiet and only speak when I am spoken to. Even then, he has to give permission for me to answer whoever had asked me a question.

When they are done I have to see him to the room then come back and help with the clearing of the table and washing of dishes. Then I can eat when everything is done and go back to the room to sleep. But that only happens if I find him sleeping when I go back to the room. If not then I have to stay up, in case he needs anything, no matter how tired I am, I can’t sleep until he does.

That is my life in these events and that is why I hate them. When we got to the dining room I scanned the room and I saw all the familiar faces that I always see in these events then on the last chair I saw a new face, one that I didn’t think I will see again. I felt Austin tense next to me and I prayed harder than I ever did for him not to make a scene.

I know that I said I will not be praying again but what choice do I have in such a situation? “Alpha Austin, you made it, welcome.” The alpha greets him with a smile then points to where Austin should seat. He goes and tokes his seat then I stood right behind him. I see Lucas’s face harden when he sees me standing behind Austin, maybe finally registering that I am a slave.

He looks between me and Austin with a hard face but I paid him no mind. I don’t want trouble but I don’t think I can avoid it either, Austin is sitting right in front of him. “I want you to sit right next to me today, don’t worry about my meals I will dish for myself.” I wanted to react but I couldn’t, I had to hold myself from even showing the slightest kind of reaction.

“Yes, alpha.” I opened the chair next to him and sat. all this while Lucas is looking at me making me feel uncomfortable. “Is there a problem beta Lucas?” asked Austin, you could hear the hostility in his voice. “Yes, actually…” he looked at me and I slightly shook my head. “Yes, actually what?” asked Austin probing for him to answer and I couldn’t help but shiver as fear crept into my heart.

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Rafaella Vittoria
He allowed that to happen?! Oh please let Lucas beat the shit out of him right now!
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Bella Jersey
Her brother ALLOWED her to be whipped 50 times. If they are mates I’ll lose my shit

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