Chapter 15

Eliot did not know what was happening to his alpha, he placed him properly on the back seat then went to the driver’s seat and drove off. He was going back to the packhouse so that Austin can be seen by a doctor. He kept looking back to see if he was still okay. He was driving like a mad man going back to the packhouse.

When he was close enough, he mind-linked the doctor. ‘Alpha fainted, get ready I will be there with him soon.’ ordered Eliot as he crossed the border gates into their pack. The warriors who saw him were worried, they just saw then leave not so long ago and now beta Eliot was coming back alone and driving like a madman.

They felt that something was wrong, ‘where was their alpha?’ they did not see him sleeping in the back seat and Eliot did not have time to stop and explain to them what happened. Soon he was stopping in front of the pack hospital and the doctor was already waiting. Sandy saw as she was passing when they were

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Bella Jersey
I hope bully does lose his wolf
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Bella Jersey
Why did she leave? Let’s see reject her beaten and abuse her. I don’t see how that that doesn’t say welcome

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