Chapter 44

 Shannon felt hot and when she tied to move, she felt something around her waist then she flutters her eyelashes then opened her eyes. She scanned the room and realized that it was Kieran’s room. The one she woke him up in when she came that morning before could look at who has his arm around her, the sweet scent of her mate told her who it was.

She turned slowly careful not to wake him up then looked at him. He looked so peaceful and handsome when he slept. It was like she was seeing the man for the first time; he extended her hand and touched his face going around it with her finger as if she were trying to memorize every curve and every dent this man has. This has the first she really looked at the man and she could admit that the man really was handsome.

“If you continue sending these pleasurable parks through my body then I will mate with you without the dog and am sure that he won’t like it,” he told her without opening his eyes. She

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