Chapter 18

With my eyes closed, I can still visualize her beautiful face, the face I grew up gazing at. My mother. I saw her standing right in front of me as if the past has suddenly changed and now she was in it. My years with Grandmother are replaced with figments of my imagination, ones including her and all the pretend things we did. The memory of my abandonment is forgotten and replaced with this new one: the sight of her calling my name, of her reaching out to me, and then of her towering figure as I lay helpless on the patchy grass.

The sight of her has given me a new hope, causing me to forget about the confusing events leading up to my slumber. If my mother is alright, then my father must be too. I have a chance at a real family again. Suddenly the bad Alpha is the least of my worries as my mind drifts to images of the three of us, living, growing, loving. They can meet Sebastian, Henry, M

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