I'm The Alpha's Mate

I'm The Alpha's Mate

By:  Sydney Marie  Completed
Language: English
7 ratings
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Young werewolf, Evangeline, can do something no other can, hold communication with someone far beyond her realm. What will happen when an Alpha claims Evangeline as his own, and when the most dangerous come seeking revenge?

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Rhonda Halbardier
It was great can’t wait till the next part comes out
2021-05-05 04:12:43
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Lex88 Salvator
there has to be a 2nd book sebastian and his mate story cam end like that
2021-04-28 23:40:29
default avatar
fantastic story ended way too soon
2021-04-05 20:05:08
user avatar
Akowuah Perp
why are u not accepting my payment
2021-03-17 02:16:34
user avatar
Akowuah Perp
this story is really nice
2021-03-17 02:13:36
user avatar
Truly unique. This story reads like poetry with deep internal dialogues. The magic is in the verbiage and not in the story. Not titillating, no overt magic, and not a power play story. Abrupt ending with no release, but that’s ok because emphasis is on how the story is told not the actual events.
2021-10-07 22:28:31
user avatar
K Atkins
okay I thought it ended but it's saying the next chapter will come 😂
2021-06-23 14:35:53
20 Chapters
Chapter 1
"I promise I won't be out long," I try to convince my grandmother as she interlocks loops of wool that somehow produce a blanket. We do not need any more, but I watch her as she knits like a child learning to speak, wondering how string and words come together so flawlessly and gain meaning. She rolls her eyes at me and continues to rock back and forth in her old, wooden rocking chair--one that my grandfather built before he passed--like some image of perfection. The creaking noises crawl up my back and into my ears. My grandfather had a knack for woodwork and was often found working outside, though I was too young to remember the sight of it.I inch closer to her as if she forgot I had asked a question.My grandmother and I are different; there are two sides to us. One side is human, and the other is beastly. This animalistic half has
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Chapter 2
I am jolted awake by the sounds of many footsteps hitting the cement floors. I push myself from the cold, hard ground and yawn. My body aches and my bones are chilled—it was like sleeping in a freezer, a dusty, potent freezer meant to hold dead bodies. This entire building feels like a death chamber.I glance at the other girl in the cell; she seems to be still sleeping.My hands run down my face, and when I look at my palms, there are thin streaks of dirt on them. I am thirsty. My mouth is like a desert that has not seen rain in years. I wonder what grandmother is doing, what she is thinking, if she is panicking—hopefully, she does not have a heart attack. I just need to get back to her.The footsteps grow louder until the man from yesterday stops in front of the bars of t
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Chapter 3
At my grandmother's house, everything is cozy and relaxed, while here, I am scared that if I touch something, it will break, shatter, and get me in trouble. It is a lovely house, but far too frangible, too fragile for me."Henry?" I call out to him as we make our way down the same hallway, the one that leads to the Alphas office. "I need a favor."He peeks back at me, looking rather curious. "What?""When I was in the cells, there was a girl in the same one as me. She needs to be let free."He lets out a hum, telling me that he is thinking, then he turns back to the hallway. When we come up to the familiar, gray doors, my heart starts to pick up pace and my nerves spike. The intoxicating scent of my mate fills my nose. Henry lightly k
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Chapter 4
"Take the antibiotics, change the bandage, and you should be fully healed in about a week," the doctor says and starts to collect his things, and I watch him as he does so.My mate stayed by my side the entire time, which made me quite nervous, as he has an intense aroma that makes my heart beat a bit faster than usual.Speaking of heads, you almost killed us!It was not wholly my fault, I argue back. It was a complicated situation.Suddenly, my mate's brother, Henry, walks into the room and observes the doctor, most likely confused by his presence. "What happened here, Sebastian?" Henry's eyes turn to my bandaged head.Sebastian. My mate's name is&nbs
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Chapter 5
Sebastian spoke with my grandmother alone for about ten minutes. They asked me to leave the room for the short moment, so I wandered the halls of the gigantic house. My mind cannot help but continue to drift to their conversation, though. What are they talking about and why can I not hear it? I feel like a punished child, and my parents have yet to come up with the punishment.I begin to hear footsteps behind me as I walk down a random hallway, and when I turn to see what is causing the sounds, I spot the dog from earlier, Bruiser. A smile spreads across my face from ear to ear, and I hurry to the chubby pup. He seems to be comfortable with me as my hand lightly strokes his smooth back. Bruiser rolls over so I will rub his tummy, and I let out a small laugh."Evangeline!" Someone calls for me, and I stand up straight.
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Chapter 6
"Come in, dear. I've made snacks." My grandmother rushes me through the door, and I look back at Henry, but he is already gone. He told me that he was going to go for a walk while I am with my grandmother. I insisted that he come inside, but he wanted to give us time alone. I'll meet her next time, he said."We have much to talk about." Grandmother sits me down in the chair across from her. A platter of small sandwiches and a pitcher of water takes the over the surface of the coffee table, and I smile. My stomach has been begging for something whipped up by her."Are you in a hurry to get rid of me?""No, no, I just need you to hear this."I bite into a sandwich and glance up at her, not knowing what she is going to say. Quickly, I sw
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Chapter 7
I can't just barge in, they are talking, and I was not invited.But you are the Luna now, my wolf tries to convince me.Hardly, I mutter, I've only been here for a few days. The position can't just be mine.It is simple, and he explained it too. Once the Alpha finds his mate, she is the Luna, his equal.It can't be that sim—"Evangeline?"My eyes gaze steadily upwards and land on my mate, as he is standing in the doorway and I can see Andrew just behind him. Though I feel it, there is no time to be embarrassed. "Did they find Henry?"
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Chapter 8
The trees are tightly knit, and I weave through them while reaching out and feeling the coarse bark underneath my palms. The moss is soft and damp yet leaves my hands dry when I pull them away and rub my fingers together. Rays of light cascade down through the trees creating intricate designs on the forest floor, and when I step onto the patterns, the light shines on my feet. During it all, the dense scent of rainfall tickles my nose.Two guards follow behind me, and I continuously glance behind to check if they are still there. The two wait obediently outside while I climb the steps and knock on my grandmother's door. She answers in a matter of seconds, and I hurry inside. "You're okay, has anything happened? Have you seen anyone in the forest or—""Evangeline, what are you talking about," she quiets me down. "Why are you asking
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Chapter 9
I am cold, extremely cold. The wind blows against my skin harshly, sharp to the touch. My eyes open abruptly. All they see is the inky, vast night sky above. The array of tiny lights scattered about the black canvas seem to come closer as if the sea of unknown is going to swallow me up. I look to the side and I see the foundations of the large, endless trees, and they are too thick to reach my arms completely around. Standing up is tough, as the ground cannot stop moving. It feels like a giant water balloon is under my feet."Evangeline," someone calls, their voice growing closer with each second. "Evangeline."My legs move in a sprint, but I do not seem to be going anywhere."Evangeline."My heart pounds li
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Chapter 10
Though I have not seen my mother in a decade, we now have something in common. Paranoia. The constant feeling of eyes on me is driving me to near madness. I am now doing things differently than I naturally would, reacting in other ways because the intense fear that he is watching me is always on my mind. Before I make a decision, something as simple as taking a sip of water, he pops into my head. Do I want to drink this in front of him?Marina has noticed this in the morning. She stares at me as I reluctantly eat breakfast. My eyes will glance out the window every few minutes before I take another slow bite. She has asked me if something is wrong, but I tell her no. The only places that I can find privacy are in rooms with no windows, or if the curtains or pulled closed. I can no longer fall asleep with the windows open either, even with Sebastian beside me. I worry that he will slip thr
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