Emma Jean put her car in reverse looking back she pulled out of her parking spot. She pressed the automatic windows to go down. When she got out of the parking lot, she headed to bar not far from her studio. It was only a 5-minute walk away from her place. The bar looked plain on the outside. A brick building on the corner of a less traveled street. They had amazing booze and great food to go with it.

She led Kieran inside the bar. She was greeted by name; it was a place she always came to after her time at the park. It was something that Emma Jean did for herself. It was still daylight outside; they were going to only have one drink then head back to her place. Parking her butt at the bar she smiled at the bartender. “Hey Hank. Meet my friend Kieran. It’s his first time here so give him the first timer special. You know the one you guys gave me.”

Kieran looked at her quizzically but didn’t think anything of it. Hank the bartender came back with a metal tumbler fille

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