Chapter 06: Jamie Lee Peyton

A week after we received the invitation, we attended the awarding ceremony of the competition right at one of Jamie Lee Peyton’s properties in Chicago——the Blue Horizon Hotel.

Victor dressed himself in a slim fit pink suit with a floral shirt and a white tie inside, while I dressed up in a navy blue suit with a classic white t-shirt underneath. We chose a seat not too close to the front to keep ourselves low profiled, while not too far away from the stage so that we could take a good look at Jamie Lee Peyton’s face.

As the ceremony started, the CEO of Minerva——Jamie Lee Peyton, was invited in by the host to give an opening speech. At the moment as he stepped up onto the stage, Victor and I finally had our opportunities to fetch his true appearance in sight.

Jamie Lee Peyton looked stylish in his sky blue suit with a simple white shirt underneath, the white tie was attached with a shiny silver tie bar. His brown leather shoes were nicely brushed and polished, however it seemed his legs were a little small for a man.

Tall, skinny, with smooth and fair skin, Jamie Lee Peyton looked clean and fresh as his short blonde hair was combed to the back tidily leaving the fringe center parted messily covering part of his forehead.

He has profound facial features. He has a thin face and a pointy nose; his eyes are big, yet deep enough to capture people’s attention; his lips are not thin yet not too thick, they are as pink as the petals of a carnation. However, these traits on him actually made him look less masculine, or instead I should say, very feminine.

Jamie Lee Peyton, he is indeed a fair and handsome man, yet as a man, I did not find him very attractive.

He walked up the stage and came to the podium. He started his speech with a warm greeting.

“A very good morning to all. I am Jamie Lee Peyton, the CEO of Minerva. I hope you enjoyed the tea and pastries we prepared for you earlier, I believe sugar keeps us happy...”

As Jamie Lee Peyton was giving his speech, instead of his words, my attention was all caught up by his voice.

It is quite hard to believe that a man’s voice would sound so neutral. Although it didn’t sound too sharp, it wasn’t deep or husky enough like a normal man’s voice should.

I squinted as I scratched my nape. I was very confused. I knew that it’s not appropriate, but I was starting to become doubted about his gender.

“And we are now going to award this prize to the Best Conceptual Developed Project——CAPTURE by Mr. Henry Nosrevi!”

The applause echoed across the hall as the host said my name. Trying to draw me out of my thoughts, Victor pushed my shoulder repeatedly.

“Henry! It’s your turn! Now get up the stage!”

I stood up from the seat and walked to the stage, the bright spot light followed my trace. Putting up a bright smile, I walked up the stairs and came to Jamie Lee Peyton who was waiting to hand me the crystal trophy and the huge foam board mock cheque.

That was my only chance to look at him from such a close distance, I was nervous, my palms were sweating that I was worried if I would drop the crystal trophy and became the headline of tomorrow’s news.

However, just as I stood right next to him, I found that he was actually shorter than me. He looked up to my eyes and gave me a tender smile.

“Congratulations, Mr. Nosrevi.” he complimented in a confident tone, “Well done with your project, CAPTURE. I’m very much inspired.”

“Thank you.” I put up a smile too, trying to make myself look calm, “It is my pleasure.”

As soon as he shook my hand, I felt his hand, his skin was so smooth and his hand was small, that I couldn’t help looking down, giving his hand a glance. His hand was fair, his fingers were long and slim, and his nails were short and clean. Everything looked so perfect for a lady…

Jamie Lee Peyton, he really does look like a lady, doesn’t he?


After returning from the awarding ceremony, Victor brought more champagnes to my penthouse. After I cut some fruits, we sat down together in my cozy living room enjoying the joyful moment for the rest of the day.

The crystal trophy was placed on the rack on top of all my other awards. Contentedly, I looked at it as I took a sip of the champagne.

“I told you I could win it.” complacently, I said.

“I never doubted you, Henry.” Victor mentioned, at once claiming a suspicious stare from me, “But instead of your award, I was feeling more interested in the CEO.”

“Jamie Lee Peyton?” I asked, “What about him?”

“He is so cute!” excitedly, Victor mentioned, “Now I know why people are crazy about him! I would totally have taken his picture if it wasn’t forbidden!”

It was forbidden, no one could take Jamie Lee Peyton’s picture.

Mercilessly, I awarded Victor a slap on the back of his head, “Never compliment my enemy in front of me!” I chided, “He was the one who took Minerva away from me! Don’t you ever say that he is cute again!” in disdain I sneered, “And don’t you think he looked feminine? He was so fair, like a lady! If it isn’t because he is so flat, I would have needed to check under his pants to make sure about his gender!”

“What’s the big deal?” Victor scoffed, “Feminine is now everybody’s favourite type of man! He could be your boyfriend, and at the same time he could be your girlfriend too!” he said, which I thought it made sense, “And most importantly, he is really good looking!”

Yes, good looking. That, I won’t deny.

“By the way, Henry.” Victor spoke again, “Are you going to join Minerva?”

I scoffed as I took a sip of the champagne, “Of course. Or why would I join the competition at the very first place?”

“I know, you wanted to take back your parents’ company, but…” Victor mentioned, “If you’re going to join the company as a designer, by which year will you become the CEO of Minerva? If you are a designer, you will always be one, by when and how do you think you will be able to have the chance to cast Jamie Lee Peyton out of the company?”

As I was hearing Victor's words, I fell into ponder trying to think through.

Victor was right. If I am going to join the company just as an architectural designer, I might just be able to become closer to Jamie Lee Peyton, but never be able to cast him out or replace him.

I had come to a junction without a second road, I needed another plan to pave my new route.

“Do you have an idea?” hence I turned to Victor and asked.

Unexpectedly, Victor striked a mischievous smile at me, “Of course, baby. Nothing will go wrong if you listen to me.”

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