Chapter Forty Two


*Alarm Rings*


Woken up by my alarm, I immediately went off bed. Since Lesley's still asleep, I went and took a shower first.

Today's the division of the task for our research and we need to gather downstairs at 7:30 am and currently it's just 6:15 in the morning.


After taking a bath I woked Lesley up but this girl is just sleep talking so I spent 30 minutes to wake her up.

"Finally!"..I exhaustingly said. I swear, next time I might just sleep with another people.

"What time is it"...she asked. She's still sitting at the bed with her eyes half closed.

"What do you think?"...I said in sarcasm that left her no choice but to grab her phone.

"Oh my god?!"....serves you right sleepyhead. She then hurriedly grab her towel and made her way through the toilet.

"Hey Sarah, Why didn't you wake me up?"....What?!

"Ask yourself that, I've spent 30 minutes just waking you up"....I said and st

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