Chapter Forty Three


"I'll c-come to you"..I said stuttering.

It's dark and on of the wooden stairs is gone so I'm afraid that if he came to me, he'll be in danger.

So I slowly made my way down. My hands are cold while holding the rails.

"S-sarah?"...I heard her voice so I calmed down a bit although I'm scared.

I'm slowing down because I didn't know which part has gone.

"I-i'm almost there"...I said almost whispering. My chest is pounding heavily that I'm so scared to take another step down.

Not until....



No! Help!


"Wooh...thank god"...Wayne?

I know it's dark but why does it seem that there's light on his face.

"Are you okay?"...he asked and I nod slowly. "Can you walk?"

"Are you hurt?" much questions, so I tried to stand up but, "Ah! Ouch" left foot!

"Why? What's wrong?"...he asked worriedly.

Can't believe he's like this šŸ˜

"Nothing, it's just my foot, I think I sprained it, but it's okay I can walk"....I said as I take another step but then. "Ah-ouch"...
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