2 - Chapter 04


He hates me now? That’s new coming form him. It’s hard to believe he can actually hate me.

After everything, he just left the room and let me go.

This fucking Hayes Christian chapter is closed now, I hope.

One day has passed and I am staying at a hotel instead of going to Lincoln Villa. I didn’t go there even once because that place reminds me of the bad memories.

I stare out of the window in my hotel’s room and think about everything again.

When I started investigating about my father’s death, I got to know that my father took Alice to his forest cabin and then someone set it on fire. On the same day, Alice was admitted to hospital because she had inhaled smoke and her hand was burned. It can not be a coincidence. She knows what happened.

After whatever conspired between Alice and my father, my father’s body was found in

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