2 - Chapter 05


I can’t believe it. She still has the audacity to act so innocent.

I look away from her, before I smile humourlessly in disbelief.

“ What is she saying Damien? ” Alice gasps, grabbing my attention.

I look back at her and notice her baffled expressions. Detaching my eyes from her, I glance at Damien who is now glaring at me like I have ruined something for him.

“ That’s what you are going to do? Pretend your husband didn’t kill our father? ” I chuckle, shaking my head, disbelief still coursing through my head.

“ You know what Alice…” I stop laughing and my expressions turn grave as I address her.

“ Just tell me what was your role in all this? ” I take a step forward, my unforgiving eyes switching between both of them.

“ Madison. I think you have a misunderstanding. We should sit down and talk it out. ” Alice replies

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