2 - Chapter 07


I was back to that place again, my father’s study where he was teaching me how I was supposed to love my friend Damien if I wanted to be at the top.

Damien. The one on the top. The heir of the biggest corporation. The most powerful around here.

Damien and not Hayes and not anyone else.

Just Damien. Damien was the top where I was supposed to reach.

I was thinking about it again, the day I forced myself to look at him that way. I was fairly young, only 12 and I already knew that I will make Damien mine. He will be my King and I will be his Queen - the perfect match. No one will be able to come between us and if someone did, I will do what my father taught me. I will step down on the broken neck of the one coming between me and him and I will make it to him.

I will always make it to him. To my Damien.

But there was another one I could never forget. The complete opposite of us all. The only generous an

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