16 - Yo Farmer, Give Me Some Fruits

Being inside the pocket dimension was like being inside a smaller version of the real world. Just by standing in place, the lands seemed endless. It had its own sky, its own sun, its own water source and its own stable system of heaven and earth qi circulation.

It could even be said that if one has enough resources, he or she could wish to live inside a pocket dimension in isolation, there would be no issues at all. This small world was completely self-sufficient.

In fact, the heaven and earth qi inside was much, much stronger than outside. An ordinary cultivator was likely to cultivate twice as fast inside, and if he was supported by heavenly cultivation dan and herbs, it could even come close to thrice as fast.

The Ming Yue Sect in Leaf City might be just a branch, but still, they had enough resources to invite a powerful space cultivator to create a pocket dimension for Great Elder Zhu Wei. Just from this, the vast we

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